U.S. Supreme Court Against New York Gun Rule

The U.S. Supreme Court struck down a New York law requiring people to show a need for carrying a gun to get a license to have one in public. The justices said the requirement violates the Second Amendment right to “keep and bear arms.”

Son Dictator Philippines Wins Election

Nearly four decades after the ouster of their dictator, Filipinos chose his son and namesake to lead the Philippines as its next president, official results showed.

China Threatens US With Warships To Protest Pact

China has condemned a new nuclear submarine pact between Britain, the United States, and Australia shows “a Cold War mentality” and warned it could send warships to Hawaii.

NASA: “Moon Wobble” will cause severe flooding to US in mid-2030s

NASA has warned in a new study that a “moon wobble” which occurs normally every 18.6 years will contribute to an increase in severe flooding to most US mainland coastlines in the mid-2030s, Sky News reports. The warning was given by NASA’s Sea Level Change Science Team in a study published by Nature Climate Change.

Russia deploys warships, submarines off the coast of Hawaii

In a massive display of power, Russia has deployed a fleet of warships, submarines, and support vessels to a pacific location just 35 nautical miles off the coast of Hawaii, the UK Daily Mail reported Tuesday. Flanked by fighter jets as it carried out military exercises, the Russian fleet completed practice maneuvers for sinking an aircraft carrier.

Super blood moon and total lunar eclipse will be seen on Wednesday

Skywatchers are anticipating a doubly spectacular display during pre-dawn hours on Wednesday, as a super blood moon and a total lunar eclipse become visible across the western USA, and parts of South America and Asia. This will be the second and final supermoon of the year, USA Today reports.

Super Flower Blood Moon 2021: Where, when and how to see the supermoon lunar eclipse

On the night of May 25-27, observers in Oceania, Hawaii, eastern Asia and Antarctica will see a lunar eclipse that coincides with the moon’s closest approach to Earth — making it a “supermoon” eclipse that will turn the moon reddish — also known as a “blood moon.” (The dates of this eclipse span two days because the area it will be visible spans the international date line).

U.S. Cities Seen Losing $360 Billion of Revenue From Economic Rout

U.S. cities are projected to lose about $360 billion of revenue through 2022 because of the economic damage caused by the coronavirus pandemic, an unprecedented loss that would trigger deep spending and job cuts, according to a National League of Cities analysis released Thursday.

Biden Wins Big in South Carolina

Former Vice President Joe Biden scored a big victory in the South Carolina Democratic primary on Saturday, winning more than twice the votes of the second-place finisher, Sen. Bernie Sanders of Vermont.

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