Church of England: homosexual couples cannot marry in church but clergy can hold blessings for same-sex civil partnerships

The Church of England has announced it cannot change its doctrine to allow same-sex couples to be married in the church but proposes that clergy may voluntarily choose to hold blessing ceremonies for homosexual couples in civil marriages, the Guardian UK reports. The “historic plans” announced on Wednesday represent a form of compromise after decades of anguished debate within the Church of England over the acceptance of homosexuality.

OSCE Criticizes Hungary’s Elections, Referendum

International observers of the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE) warned Monday that key aspects of Hungary’s parliamentary elections fell short of international standards.

Hungary’s Orbán Wins Elections

Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán has won a fourth consecutive term in office despite being seen as the European Union’s closest ally of Russian President Vladimir Putin.

UK government: Christian teaching on homosexuality will not be criminalized

UK officials have told a group of Church leaders that the government has no intention of criminalizing Christian teaching on homosexuality, the Christian Post report. Officials gave the assurance last week at a meeting of leaders who are concerned any future ban on conversion therapy may ultimately criminalize and punish Christians who teach against LGBT ideology.

Hungarians: ‘Don’t Make Quoting Bible A Crime’

Thousands of Hungarian Christians rallied Sunday near Finland’s embassy in Budapest against the “hate speech” trial of two prominent Finns who publicly quoted the Bible on homosexuality.

Hungarians Protest Trial Of Christian Finnish Leaders

Hungarians will rally at Finland’s embassy in Budapest against the trial of two Finnish Christian leaders who may face jail for sharing Biblical views on homosexuality, organizers say.

Canada: Thousands of pastors coordinate day to preach on Christian sexuality

In a response to the passing of a new Canadian law that bans ‘conversion therapy’ for gay people, some four thousand US pastors took Sunday, January 16 as a day on which to preach coordinated sermons on Christian sexuality, Church Leaders reports. The day of preaching was triggered by fear that a similar anti-conversion therapy law could be passed in America, and that it could ultimately lead to the criminalization of Christianity there.

Franklin Graham wins UK legal case, will preach in Northern England

US preacher Franklin Graham has won a UK legal case brought by British LGBT activists who accused him of promoting homophobia, and will now be able to hold an event in Sheffield, England in May, the BBC reports. The parties agreed to a confidential settlement, with no admission of liability on either side.

UK Court of Appeal says Christian foster agency can refuse placements with same-sex couples

The UK Court of Appeal has ruled that an evangelical foster agency that receives tax-payer funding is allowed to only place children with carers who identify as Christian, but it cannot insist that those carers be heterosexual, the Christian Post (CP) reports. Cornerstone (North East) Adoption and Fostering Service, also known as CornerstoneUK, said it will appeal Friday’s ruling to the UK’s Supreme Court.

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