More Unrest In Budapest After New Law

A massive police force cleared a key bridge in Hungary’s capital on Monday as social unrest mounted against government-imposed tax reforms that will impact hundreds of thousands of entrepreneurs and their families.

Hungary Hit By Worst Social Unrest Since Elections (Worthy News In-Depth)

Tense protests continued in Hungary’s capital till the early hours of Thursday after the government announced “an energy emergency” and effectively raised taxes for hundreds of thousands of small entrepreneurs as the nation’s currency plunged to record lows while inflation reached the highest levels in decades.

Hungary Blocks Biden’s Global Tax Plan In European Union

Hungary has blocked the introduction of U.S. President Joe Biden’s proposed global minimum corporate of 15 percent in the European Union. The EU member state says the Biden tax would undermine its competitive edge in the region as Hungary has the bloc’s lowest corporate tax rate of just 9 percent.

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