Thousands Surround Hungary’s TV Complex

Thousands of Hungarians have surrounded the Budapest complex housing Hungary’s state-run television and other public media in what they called “a blockade of the factory of lies.”

Bulgaria To Provide Military Aid To Ukraine

Bulgaria, once labeled the “sixteenth republic” of the Soviet empire for its obedient allegiance to Moscow, should send military aid to Ukraine, the parliament decided Thursday.

Bishops Discuss Peace As War Rages

Leaders of the Bishops’ Conferences from Central and Eastern Europe gathered in Hungary’s capital Budapest to discuss a roadmap for peace as war rages in neighboring Ukraine.

Hungary’s PM ‘Flees’ Budapest Amid Protests

Hungary’s embattled prime minister fled Budapest on Sunday as tens of thousands of protestors condemned his perceived autocratic policies and falling living standards, critics said.

Russia Warns It Will Recapture Lost Land In Ukraine

Russia said Wednesday that it would recapture areas of annexed territory that fell back into Ukrainian control. Moscow’s warning came as Ukraine continued its counter-offensive, leaving thousands of Russian troops running for their lives.

European Parliament: ‘Hungary No Democracy’

The European Parliament has declared that Hungary is no longer a fully functioning democracy and has turned into an “electoral autocracy” led by a “hybrid regime.”

More Unrest In Budapest After New Law

A massive police force cleared a key bridge in Hungary’s capital on Monday as social unrest mounted against government-imposed tax reforms that will impact hundreds of thousands of entrepreneurs and their families.

Hungary Hit By Worst Social Unrest Since Elections (Worthy News In-Depth)

Tense protests continued in Hungary’s capital till the early hours of Thursday after the government announced “an energy emergency” and effectively raised taxes for hundreds of thousands of small entrepreneurs as the nation’s currency plunged to record lows while inflation reached the highest levels in decades.

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