Israel elections: Both blocs still fail to form a coalition – poll

With 100 days left before the elections for the 25th Knesset, both the bloc supporting former prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu and the bloc forming the current coalition are projected to fail in forming a majority government, according to a poll published by KAN News on Sunday.

Netanyahu has week to find majority, prevent Israeli elections

With the dramatic announcement on Monday evening by coalition leaders Naftali Bennett and Yair Lapid of their intention to dissolve Israel’s government, the nation began bracing itself for its fifth round of elections in three years. A proposed date of Oct. 25 has already been set. However, elections could still be avoided if opposition leader Benjamin Netanyahu succeeds in forming a government before the Knesset is dissolved. Can he do it?

Kadima “Wins” Israel Elections, Exit Polls Show

Israeli Foreign Minister Tzipi Livni looked set to become Israel’s second female prime minister as her centrist Kadima party won Tuesday’s parliamentary election, exit polls showed.

Israel Readies for Rough Election Season

Caretaker Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Barak and challenger Likud leader Ariel Sharon are beginning to gear up for the special election for the premiership on February 6, a race that promises to be impassioned and gritty.

Barak Does One More About-Face Before Election

Following the very sort of zig-zag pattern that has brought him into such disfavor with Israeli voters, Prime Minister Ehud Barak has reversed course and said he is now open to a possible meeting with PLO chief Yasser Arafat before the Israeli election next Tuesday.

Barak Campaign Determined to Smear Sharon

Trailing badly going into the final week of the election, the campaign of incumbent Prime Minister Ehud Barak stooped to new lows, as activists had to be restrained on Tuesday from distributing fake call-up orders for IDF duty meant to scare voters against rival Likud candidate Ariel Sharon.

Sharon Wallops Barak

Though widely expected, Likud candidate Ariel Sharon’s lopsided victory in Tuesday’s special election for prime minister was so potent, it drove incumbent Ehud Barak into political retirement and has left the Labor party in turmoil.

Arab reaction to Israeli elections: from wariness to readiness for war

JERUSALEM (BP)–Arab reaction to the Feb. 6 election of Ariel Sharon ranged from wary to warlike, with moderate states waiting for Israel’s next prime minister to make his first moves and radical states calling his election a declaration of war, reported Feb. 7.

Peace Process Stalls as Israeli Election Looms

Talks between Israeli and Palestinian negotiators on security cooperation and final-status issues made little headway over the weekend, and were suspended on Monday when an Israeli citizen was found murdered in Gush Katif and the IDF renewed its tight closure on the Gaza Strip.

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