Nigeria: 700 Christians murdered in Plateau state in May, new report says

The ongoing jihadist slaughter of Christians in Nigeria has intensified to such an extent that 700 Christians were reportedly murdered in Plateau, one of the worst-affected Nigerian states, last month alone, the International Society for Civil Liberties and Rule of Law NGO attests in a new report. More than 50,250 Nigerian Christians have been murdered by Islamic jihadists since 2009, with Nigeria’s Muslim-led government unwilling to do anything to stop it.

India: Dramatic escalation of violence in Manipur, 58 dead, 50 churches burned

Christian leaders in India’s Manipur state have accused the Hindu nationalist government of supporting the violent attacks carried out by ethnic Hindu Meitei rioters, which began last week, and which have now resulted in the destruction of 50 churches and the deaths of 58 people, many of whom were Christians, the Christian Post (CP) reports. 

Uganda: Christian college student murdered for sharing the Gospel

A 24-year-old Christian college student in northern Uganda was murdered last month by a suspected radicalized Muslim because he had been sharing the Gospel on his school campus, Morning Star News (MSN) reports. While Christianity is legal in Uganda, Christians, especially evangelists, have been increasingly vulnerable to deadly attacks by radicalized Muslims.

Uganda: Jihadists set off fuel bomb on Pentecostal church premises

Claiming that this was the way to serve Allah during the month of Ramadan, Islamic jihadists in western Uganda set off a fuel bomb on the premises of a Pentecostal church during a Good Friday service on April 7, Morning Star News (MSN) reported on April 17. Christianity is legal in Uganda, although believers have come under increasing violent attack from radicalized Muslims.

Indonesia Pledges To Facilitate Church After Outcry

Indonesia’s government says it will facilitate a place of worship for Protestant Christians in West Java after the forced closure of their church by authorities provoked an international outcry.

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