Myanmar: Burmese army bombs Baptist seminary

Continuing its violent attacks on Christian civilians, the ‘Tatmadaw’ Burmese military junta bombed a Baptist seminary in Kachin state last week, injuring four men in their dormitory, Christian Headlines (CH) reports.

Myanmar: Army restricts aid to civilians including Christians

The Refugees International non-profit organization reported last month that the Burmese Army (Tatmadaw) in Myanmar has been restricting humanitarian aid to civilians, notably in areas with large populations of Christians, International Christian Concern (ICC) reports.

Myanmar Army Raiding Churches

Christians in Myanmar gathered for worship Sunday after troops raided churches and news that the junta did not include political prisoners to mark the Buddhist new year.

Myanmar: Military junta continues attacks on Christian communities

The Buddhist military junta of Myanmar is continuing to attack Christian villages in Chin state among other regions of the country, Myanmar Now reports. After overthrowing the government in a coup on February 1, 2020, the Myanmar army (Tatmadaw) has sought to suppress non-Buddhist faith communities by carrying out attacks on civilian and religious targets.

Myanmar Army Kills Residents In Christian Area

Residents in a mainly Christian area of Myanmar’s eastern Kayah State were still searching for answers Wednesday after the ruling army allegedly killed and tortured up to eight civilians.

Myanmar atrocity: Burmese Army burns 35 civilians alive on Christmas Eve

Myanmar’s Burmese Army (Tatmadaw) burned alive at least 35 civilians, including elderly people and children, in Karenni state on Christmas Eve, Christian Solidarity Worldwide (CSW) reports. The Tatmadaw rogue army has been slaughtering and displacing non-Buddhists since it overthrew Myanmar’s democratically elected government in a February 1 coup.

Myanmar Military Shells Churches, Orphanage

Myanmar’s military has shelled a town in the country’s Christian majority state, destroying at least three churches, an orphanage, and more than 160 homes and offices, aid workers say.

Three pastors freed from prison in Myanmar

Three ethnic Kachin pastors in Myanmar were among 5,000 prisoners freed by the Burmese Army (Tatmadaw) on Monday, International Christian Concern (ICC) reports. The Tatmadaw said in a statement they had released the prisoners “on humanitarian grounds,” but it is widely believed this was a strategic move by General Min Aung Hlaing to gain international acceptance as the legitimate leader of Myanmar.

Burmese army sets Christian village on fire

The Burmese Army has burned down a whole village in Myanmar’s Chin state, a traditionally Christian stronghold, International Christian Concern (ICC) reports. The attack took place earlier this month as part of a “clearance operation” designed to crush opposition to Burmese military rule in Chin state.

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