NASA technology could be used to charge EVs in five minutes

Researchers announced earlier this month that NASA technology developed for the International Space Station could also be used to charge electric vehicles on earth in as little as five minutes, Business Insider reports.

NATO Delivers Air Defense To Ukraine

Member states of the U.S.-led NATO military rushed Wednesday to deliver advanced air defense weapons to Ukraine, where numerous people died in massive Russian missile strikes.

NASA to Release Images from Most Powerful Space Telescope

The U.S. space agency is set to release the full set of the first full-color images from the James Webb Space Telescope on Tuesday, a day after sharing a full-color picture showing stars and galaxies from deeper into the cosmos than ever seen before.

Tonga Christians say God protected their nation from volcanic eruption more powerful than Hiroshima

Tongan Christians have publicly given thanks to God for saving their South Pacific island kingdom when a massive volcanic eruption, which NASA experts say was hundreds of times more powerful than the Hiroshima atomic bomb, poured over the tiny nation on January 15, Christianity Today (CT) reports. Given the intensity of the eruption and the potential for destruction, many say it is a miracle that the number of casualties was not exceedingly higher than three.

Army-Navy team launches rockets to test hypersonic weapons

Researchers on Wednesday launched a salvo of rockets from NASA’s Wallops Flight Facility in Virginia as part of the Pentagon‘s push to develop advanced hypersonic technologies. The test flight of three sounding rockets — used to take measurements — came less than a week after reports that China may have tested its own nuclear-capable hypersonic missile.

“Apocalyptic” Fires, Floods Hit World Raising Questions

Apocalyptic scenes ranging from droughts to massive fires and floods are making life difficult for millions of people worldwide. For example, thousands have fled wildfires in Greece where, after a small break, another heatwave with temperatures of over 40 degrees (104 Fahrenheit) was on its way — with the potential to worsen the situation.

NASA: “Moon Wobble” will cause severe flooding to US in mid-2030s

NASA has warned in a new study that a “moon wobble” which occurs normally every 18.6 years will contribute to an increase in severe flooding to most US mainland coastlines in the mid-2030s, Sky News reports. The warning was given by NASA’s Sea Level Change Science Team in a study published by Nature Climate Change.

Large Asteroid to Pass by Earth on March 21, NASA says

The largest asteroid to pass by Earth this year will approach within about 1.25 million miles (2 million kilometers) of our planet on March 21, the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) said Thursday.

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