German Chancellor urges Iran to sign new Iran deal

German Chancellor Olaf Scholz, on September 12, urged Iran to accept the proposals of a revived nuclear deal being offered by Germany, France, and Britain, saying there is “no reason” for the Iranian regime to refuse them, Radio Free Europe (RFE) reports. The three world powers told Iran on September 10 that the final texts of a deal are ready for signature, but Tehran is dragging its heels.

Europe’s Largest Nuclear Power Plant Shuts Down Amid Shelling

Authorities say Europe’s largest nuclear power plant in wartorn Ukraine has been shut down, and residents around the station are urged to evacuate amid heavy fighting between Ukrainian and Russian forces. The operations were halted as western intelligence suggests that Ukraine’s counter-offensive in response to the Russian invasion inflicted an extraordinary defeat on Moscow.

Nuclear deal with Iran off the table for time being, US has indicated to Israel

A new nuclear deal between Iran and world powers is off the table and will not be signed in the foreseeable future, The Times of Israel’s sister site Zman Yisrael has learned. This is the message that was conveyed to Prime Minister Yair Lapid in his recent conversations with US President Joe Biden and other administration officials.

Europe’s Largest Nuclear Power Plant Of Grid As Fire Raises Concerns

Authorities say a fire caused by shelling has forced the staff of Europe’s largest nuclear plant in Ukraine to disconnect from the nation’s power grid. It showed that risks remained at the plant despite the presence of United Nations experts, with Kyiv warning of a possible nuclear disaster.

Iran demands ‘stronger US guarantees’ in nuclear deal

Iran says it demanded stronger guarantees from the United States in the most recent draft of the nuclear deal, the latest indication that while talks on reviving the 2015 agreement are progressing, gaps still remain.

If Israel fails to stop nuclear deal, it still has military means to prevent Iranian bomb

The Mossad intelligence agency chief David Barnea will visit Washington next week as part of Israel’s attempts to dissuade the US and other Western powers from signing the deal. Barnea will be the third senior Israeli official to do so in recent days after both Defense Minister Benny Gantz and national security adviser Eyal Hulata also visited Washington in the last week.

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