Eritrea, Ethiopia, Somalia: Death and danger in the Horn of Africa

Tensions are rising across the Horn of Africa – there is death and danger. Irredentist Somali Islamists have declared jihad against Ethiopia. Christians are being attacked and murdered by Muslims in Ethiopia. Eritrea, which is accused of arming the Somali Islamists, is exploiting an opportunity and has breached the 2000 cease-fire agreement by moving troops into the Eritrea-Ethiopia border buffer zone. Two Protestant Christians were recently tortured to death in Eritrea. The savagery of persecution appears to be escalating in proportion to regional tensions -- and it could be about to get much worse.

New Blasphemy Case Filed Against Pakistani Christian

ISTANBUL, April 9 (Compass) -- Police in Pakistan's Punjab province registered another questionable blasphemy case against one of its Christian citizens on April 1, jailing a respected high school principal for slander he allegedly spoke two months ago against Mohammed, the prophet of Islam. Pervaiz Masih, founding director of the Iqbal Memorial High School in Chelay Kay village near Sialkot, was arrested at his home on April 1 during a late-night police raid.

Continued Prayer Requested for Christian Schoolmaster (Pakistan)

The Voice of the Martyrs requests that Christians around the world continue to pray for Pervez Masih, a 35-year-old Christian schoolmaster in Pakistan charged on April 1 with blasphemy against Mohammed under Pakistan’s blasphemy law section 295/ C. Since his arrest, he has been tortured and is imprisoned in a 6-ft X 4-ft cell. The daytime temperature in the cell exceeds 50 degrees centigrade. He cannot come out of his room and walk. Once a week, he is taken out to meet his relatives. He sleeps on the hard floor on a mat next to the toilet. In May he told visitors that police have beaten him, as they demand that he convert to Islam.