Joe Biden Inches Toward War with Iran, Makes Israel Full Military Partner

Preparing for any potential war against Iran, the Biden administration has formally elevated Israel in military planning. Israel’s changed status comes as the U.S. military refocuses from the ‘war on terror’ to potential combat with the big four—China, Russia, North Korea, and Iran.

Pentagon Admits US Troops In Ukraine

U.S. Defense officials have confirmed previous Worthy News reports that American military personnel is in Ukraine, which faces a barrage of Russian missiles and drones.

US forces now on the ground in Ukraine

U.S. military personnel are now on the ground in Ukraine, keeping track of and inspecting weapons the U.S. has shipped to Ukrainian forces, a senior defense official announced during a Pentagon background briefing on Monday. These U.S. personnel are some of the first the Pentagon has acknowledged have entered Ukraine since Russia launched its large scale invasion of the country in February.

Democrats cram unrelated policies into defense bill

Democrats are loading an annual, must-pass bill that authorizes the Department of Defense’s spending and policy priorities for the next fiscal year with various measures unrelated to national defense, causing anger on Capitol Hill as Republicans accuse them of prioritizing a left-wing political agenda over the nation’s security.

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