Medical Workers Sue NY Over Vaccine Mandate

A prominent religious liberty group is helping 17 medical professionals sue New York state in federal court for alleged civil rights violations in imposing vaccine mandates.

IRS denies Christian political activism group tax-exempt status, says its Bible teachings are affiliated with Republican party

The Internal Revenue Service has denied tax-exempt status to the non-profit political activism group Christians Engaged, asserting that the group’s Bible teachings typically align with Republican party policies, and that it engages in “prohibited political campaign intervention.” The Texas-based organization is appealing the decision, asserting that the IRS denied tax exemption because Christians Engaged “teaches biblical values.”

California agrees never to impose discriminatory restrictions on houses of worship; will pay over $2 million in attorney’s fees

In what the plaintiffs’ lawyers described as a “triumph for religious liberty,” California has agreed to never again impose discriminatory restrictions on houses of worship, and to pay a total of $2,150,000 in attorney’s fees in settlement of separate lawsuits filed by South Bay United Pentecostal Church and Catholic priest Trevor Burfitt, Christian Headlines reports.

Supreme Court To Decide Landmark Case

When child custody cases come before family courts, judges endeavor to base their rulings on the best interests of the child. Overall, the court is less interested in which parent might have the most right to the children than in how best to help the children thrive. The Supreme Court might now be walking a very similar line. It is on the verge of deciding a landmark case that could have a profound impact on the more than 400,000 vulnerable children who find themselves in the U.S. foster care system. Its ruling could also have major implications for LGBTQ rights, religious liberty and nondiscrimination laws across America.

Largest US Christian adoption agency to place children with LGBT parents

As legal and cultural fighting continues over religious convictions and LGBTQ rights, America’s largest Christian adoption agency, Bethany Christian Services, has decided to change a longstanding policy and begin placing children with LGBT parents for foster care and adoption through all its offices in 32 states. Christianity Today reported Monday.

House Republicans Push Bill Aimed at Balancing LGBT Rights and Religious Freedom

House Republicans are rallying around a compromise bill that would add protections for religious organizations in addition to granting discrimination protections to LGBT citizens. The bill comes one day after House Democrats passed the Equality Act, which critics say infringes on religious liberty rights and is likely to fail in the Senate.

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