Poll: Majority of Americans believe religious liberty is declining in US

A new poll by Lifeway Research has found that 54% of Americans believe religious liberty is declining in the US, and 59% believe that tolerance of Christianity specifically is declining, CBN News reports. The poll found that evangelical believers are more likely (74%) to say religious liberty is declining than those who are not evangelical (48%).

Nigeria: Armed police stood by as Christian student was murdered

US human groups have virulently condemned the behavior of Nigerian armed policemen who stood by as Islamic extremists stoned a Christian student to death on her school campus in Sokoto state on May 12, Genocide Watch reports. In a further example of unchecked Islamic violence raging against Christians in northern Nigeria, student Deborah Emmanuel was murdered for allegedly insulting the Muslim prophet Muhammed in a Whatsapp post.

India Hindu Mob, Police Detain Christians

Christian leaders held emergency talks with authorities in central India where police detained scores of Christians instead of the Hindu nationalists who attacked them.

Medical Workers Sue NY Over Vaccine Mandate

A prominent religious liberty group is helping 17 medical professionals sue New York state in federal court for alleged civil rights violations in imposing vaccine mandates.

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