Survey Shows 75% of Israeli Arabs Believe Jews Have No Rights on the Land of Israel

The Israel Defense and Security Forum (ISDF) / HaBithonistim, an Israeli movement established in 2020 by retired senior members of the defense establishment (IDF, Shin Bet, Mossad, and Israel Police), on Monday released the results of a survey they conducted on the anniversary of the 2021 Operation Guardian of the Walls, showing, among other things, that only 25% of Israeli Arabs believe that the Jewish people have a right to sovereignty in the Land of Israel, and a considerable majority – about 75% – believe that the Jewish people do not have such a right.

As Knesset Prepares to Topple Bennett Government, Shaked May Have Readied a Lifeboat

Sources close to Prime Minister Naftali Bennett have denounced Interior Minister and Bennett’s political partner and ally for more than a decade Ayelet Shaked, saying she is “heating up the situation with her announcement about the Temple Mount and her blessing for convening a planning council to discuss settlement construction.” According to those sources, cited Sunday morning by Reshet Bet radio, “Shaked sticks fingers in the eye of our coalition partners, and if she continues like this, this coming Knesset session will end right when it starts.”

Re-elected French President Facing Challenge

French President Emmanuel Macron defeated far-right rival Marine Le Pen on Sunday, triggering relief among allies that the nuclear-armed nation won’t shift course amid war in Ukraine.

Clashes continue in Jerusalem at mosque on Temple Mount

Clashes at Al-Aqsa mosque, the site of Temple Mount, continued on Sunday after Israeli police entered the site again after hundreds of Muslim worshippers reportedly attempted to stop Jewish visitors from coming into the complex.

Muslims riot in Jerusalem for 4th night, 6 arrested

Jerusalem’s Police confronted Muslim rioters at the Damascus Gate at the entrance to the Old City on Tuesday night and arrested six Muslim suspects for throwing rocks and other objects at police forces.

Russian Attacks Kill Dozens

At least scores of people were reported killed in new Russian attacks in Ukraine, but Moscow condemned U.S. President Joe Biden for calling Russian leader Vladimir Putin a “war criminal.”

PA organizations call for riots on Friday

The Monitoring Committee of the National and Islamic Forces, the highest coordination body of the Palestinian Arab organizations, has declared Friday to be a day of escalation and confrontation with the “occupation” at all points of friction, in support of the Palestinian Arab residents of Sheikh Jarrah (Shimon Hatzadik) neighborhood in Jerusalem and the fight of the terrorists imprisoned in Israel.

Canada’s PM Moved From Home Amid Protest Against COVID Restrictions

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and family members were moved from their Ottawa home to a secret location in the capital after thousands protesting COVID-19 vaccine mandates and other restrictions marched near Parliament, several sources said.

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