Israel, Saudi Arabia increase talks amid concerns over Iran

Israel and Saudi Arabia are holding talks to increase their military and intelligence cooperation over concerns about Iranian aggression in the region, according to a Bloomberg report, which notes that the United States is backing the efforts.

Executions Nearly Double In Saudi Arabia

Executions carried out in Saudi Arabia have nearly doubled since 2015, when King Salman and his son Mohammed bin Salman took charge, according to human rights investigators.

US Democrat: Congress would back selling Riyadh weapons for Israel normalization

A Democratic member of Congress said Monday that they and others in the party would likely object to the US selling advanced weaponry to Saudi Arabia, even in exchange for Riyadh normalizing relations with Israel, but acknowledged that such opposition would presumably not be enough to block an agreement.

OPEC+ announces major cut in global oil supplies

OPEC+ has announced a significant cut in global oil supplies ahead of European Union embargoes on Russia energy and in time for the peak winter season, Reuters reports. Exacerbating concerns about soaring inflation, the move is expected to push up the price of gasoline again.

As NATO Grows, China and Russia Seek to Bring Iran, Saudi Arabia Into Fold

In the East, however, security and economy-focused blocs led by Beijing and Moscow are looking to take on new members of their own, including Iran and Saudi Arabia, two influential Middle Eastern rivals whose interest in shoring up cooperation on this new front could have a significant impact on global geopolitical balance.

US has clinched deal with Saudis for normalization steps toward Israel

US President Joe Biden, during his visit to Jeddah this weekend, will announce the successful brokering of an agreement between Saudi Arabia and Egypt that will see Riyadh take steps toward normalization with Israel, a Middle East diplomat confirmed to The Times of Israel Thursday.

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