Moldova: ‘Russia Seeks Overthrow Government’

Moldova’s president says Russia is plotting to overthrow the country’s pro-European Union government after a Russian missile violated the country’s airspace.

Kosovo Serbs To Remove Roadblocks (Worthy News Radio)

Kosovo’s minority Serbs, who blocked roads in the north for 19 days, agreed to remove their barricades from Thursday after bowing to pressure from the United States and European Union to end the worst ethnic tensions in years. Yet distrust remained in the region where Serbia had put its armed forces on high alert ahead of Orthodox Christmas.

Serbia Puts Army On High Alert Near Kosovo (Worthy News Radio)

Serbia says it has put the army on high alert near its border with Kosovo while inside Kosovo, Serbs have erected more roadblocks amid escalating tensions. The standoff comes as Serbia and Kosovo accuse each other of preparing for an armed confrontation.

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