Al-Shabaab Islamic terrorists attack second hotel in Somalia

The Al-Shabaab Islamic terror group affiliated with al-Qaeda on Sunday killed nine civilians and wounded 47 others in Somalia during its second attack on a hotel in three months, International Christian Concern (ICC) reports.

Somalia: US kills 27 Al-Shabaab terrorists in airstrike

An initial assessment shows that an airstrike carried out over Somalia by the US Africa Command (USAC) on Sunday killed 27 Al-Shabaab jihadist insurgents who had been attacking Somali national forces, USAC said in a press statement Wednesday. The strike carried out near Buulobarde was requested by the Somali federal government, and there were no reported civilian casualties, USAC said.

Somali pastor violently attacked by father-in-law for leaving Islam

A Somali pastor sustained severe injuries when his Somali father-in-law violently assaulted him last month for refusing to return to Islam, Morning Star News (MSN) reports. Somalis believe they are born Muslim, and anyone who leaves Islam can be charged with apostasy and sentenced to death.

Somalia: Christians vulnerable as death toll reaches 21 in al-Shabaab attack

Somali Christians remain vulnerable to jihadist violence, as twenty-one people have now died following an attack on August 19 by the al-Shabaab Islamic terror group in Mogadishu, Somalia, International Christian Concern (ICC) reports. Linked to al-Qaeda, al Shabaab has been conducting Islamic jihad in Somalia and Kenya, targeting Christians as well as terrorizing the civilian population generally.

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