Sudan Coup Fails; Dozens Detained

Authorities in Sudan, where minority Christians face persecution, say dozens of military officers have been detained for an alleged coup.

Thousands of Christians Fleeing Executions In Afghanistan

Many of thousands of Afghan Christians are fleeing through mountains and other challenging terrains to neighboring nations amid fears they will be killed by Afghanistan’s ruling Islamist Taliban group, according to multiple sources.

Gunmen Kill Nuns In South Sudan

Pope Francis has offered condolences to victims’ families after two Catholic nuns were shot and killed along a highway in South Sudan.

“Apocalyptic” Fires, Floods Hit World Raising Questions

Apocalyptic scenes ranging from droughts to massive fires and floods are making life difficult for millions of people worldwide. For example, thousands have fled wildfires in Greece where, after a small break, another heatwave with temperatures of over 40 degrees (104 Fahrenheit) was on its way — with the potential to worsen the situation.

Christians Worried As 14 Die In Sudan Clashes

Christian rights activists are concerned about tensions in Sudan, where at least 14 people were reportedly killed in recent violence in the disputed oil-rich region Abyei.

Sudan Detains Church Arsonists

Sudan’s police reportedly detained nine men suspected of repeatedly burning church properties amid ongoing Islamic pressure on minority Christians.

World Food Program Gets Nobel Peace Prize Amid Global Hunger Fears

The World Food Program (WFP) has won the 2020 Nobel Peace Prize in recognition of its life-saving work amid rising starvation cases. With the coronavirus crisis pushing millions of men, women, and children into hunger, Nobel committee chairwoman Berit Reiss-Andersen said the United Nations agency deserved this year’s Nobel Peace Prize.

Flooding in South Sudan: 700,000 people in hunger and livelihood crisis

Unprecedented flooding in South Sudan has devastated the lives of around 700,000 people, causing a hunger crisis amid the destruction of jobs and harvests, VOA News reports. The World Food Program (WFP) has sounded the alarm about a disaster that is exacerbated by ongoing violence and the COVID-19 economic crisis in the country. WFP is calling for $58 million for the next six months to rebuild South Sudanese infrastructure and to support those in need.

Slaughter of Christians in Africa continues

Hundreds of Christians have been slaughtered by Islamic terrorists in at least three African countries in recent weeks, CBN News reports. Christian communities in Nigeria, South Sudan, and Cameroon have been targeted by terrorists from different groups, including Boko Haram and Fulani militants.

UN experts say South Sudan peace deal is at risk

UN experts are concerned South Sudan’s peace deal is at risk because unity government partners are arguing about security and resources instead of implementing the terms of the 2018 agreement, VOA News reports. A panel of experts on South Sudan reported to the UN Security Council last week that “selective and incomplete implementation” of agreed security arrangements threatened peace and stability in the country.

Locust plague begins to spread from Africa to Middle East and Asia

Locusts swarming across eastern Africa have now made their way out of the continent, into the Middle East, and as far as India, Pakistan, and China, though authorities in east Asia say they are not yet worried about the locusts coming further inland.

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