Sudanese Government Troops Gang-Rape Black African Slaves

WESTLAKE VILLAGE, CA, (December 22, 2000) -- Soldiers of the Government of Sudan's Popular Defense Forces (PDF) systematically gang-raped enslaved black African women and girls during and after slave raids on villages in Southern Sudan. This report is according to the testimonies of numerous redeemed slaves, which was documented by Christian Solidarity International (CSI), and independent researchers.

Seven Children Executed, 24 Enslaved During US State Department Visit to Sudan

On 20 November, the day after US Assistant Secretary of State Susan Rice's arrival in Marial Bai to meet with victims of slavery, the armed forces of the Government of Sudan executed seven black African school boys following a mid-morning slave raid on the nearby Guong Nowh Community Elementary School, according to Simon Wol, the Civil Commissioner of Aweil West County. Government soldiers also enslaved 24 other children, including six girls.