Dozens Of Babies Die In Sudan Orphanage

At least 50 children – at least two dozen of them babies – have died at an orphanage in the Sudanese capital in the six weeks since Sudan’s latest war broke out in mid-April, medics said Monday.

Sudan British Embassy Abandons Elderly Couple

An 85-year-old British citizen in Sudan was shot by snipers, and his wife then died of starvation after the British embassy in Sudan abandoned them, Britain’s BBC broadcaster reported Friday.

Sudan: Church leaders ask for prayer amid escalating violence and fears of return to Islamic extremist law

Church leaders in Sudan are asking for prayer as the nation reels under yet another bout of deadly violence and instability that Islamic extremists may use to bring about the return of harsh Islamic law in the country, Christian Today reports. Hundreds of diplomats from countries including the US and the UK were evacuated Sunday amid fears the violence will continue and intensify.

Sudan Army, Rival Forces Agree On 24-Hour Truce

The Sudanese army and rival forces battling since the weekend agreed Tuesday to a temporary, 24-hour cease-fire, Arab media report after an American diplomatic convoy was attacked.

Gunfire, Explosions Rock Sudan’s Capital

The leaders of Sudan’s army and paramilitary group, the Rapid Support Forces (RSD), agreed Sunday to a temporary ceasefire after two days of fighting that killed at least scores of people, including aid workers.

Sudan: Christian ministry team murdered by suspected Islamic extremist

A church pastor was among a ministry team of four Christians who were murdered by suspected Islamic extremists in Sudan last week, Morning Star News (MSN) reports. Rights groups have reported worsening conditions for Sudanese believers since the 2021 military coup, which overthrew the transitional government installed after brutal dictator Omar al-Bashir was ousted in 2019.

Sudan: Pastor jailed after praying for his mother to be healed

A pastor in Sudan has been jailed for alleged “witchcraft” after he led a prayer meeting for his sick mother, Morning Star News (MSN) reports. State-sponsored persecution of Christians has returned to Sudan since last year’s military coup toppled the moderate government, which had succeeded ousted Islamic dictator Omar al-Bashir in 2019.

Young Children Of Late Deacon Killed In Sudan

Sudanese Christians are mourning after suspected Muslim militants killed the three young children of a deceased Catholic Church deacon in Sudan’s Central Darfur region, Worthy News established late Tuesday.

Four Baptist Christians Facing Death Hiding In Sudan

Four members of the Sudanese Baptist Church in western Sudan’s Central Darfur state are in hiding amid concerns they may be executed after the men were released on bail, Worthy News learned Monday.

Sudan Detains Christians At Bible Class

Christian rights activists appealed for prayers Thursday as two church leaders detained during Bible class in Sudan could face jail on charges of “public nuisance.”

Sudan: Christian leaders arrested for singing worship songs

Two Christian leaders in Omdurman, Sudan were arrested last week for singing worship songs during their church service, the Christian Post (CP) reports. While the situation for Sudanese Christians somewhat improved following the 2019 ousting of Islamic dictator Omar al-Bashir, it has worsened again since the subsequent Islamic military coup of 2021.

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