Leaked documents show China could quickly establish air superiority over Taiwan during an invasion

Recently leaked classified US intelligence documents show that China is expected to quickly establish air superiority over Taiwan in any future Chinese invasion of the small island nation, the Guardian UK reports. The documents were found to have been among those leaked by US air national guardsman Jack Teixeira, who has since been arrested and taken into custody by the FBI.

China completes 3 days of military drills simulating blockades around Taiwan

China announced Monday it “successfully completed” a three-day military exercise during which it practiced installing naval and aerial blockades around Taiwan, i24 News reports. The drill began on Saturday, causing some consternation amid ongoing fears that China is edging toward an invasion of self-ruled Taiwan, which Beijing considers part of the Chinese mainland.

China sends military helicopter and three warships close to Taiwan

China sent an anti-submarine helicopter and three warships disturbingly close to Taiwan, the Taiwanese Ministry of National Defence said in a statement Thursday, Reuters/AFP report. Successive Chinese regimes have considered the independent island nation of Taiwan to be part of China, and the US-supported Taiwanese have long lived under the threat of invasion by their giant neighbor.

US, Canada Warships Transit Taiwan Strait

American and Canadian warships sailed through the Taiwan Strait on Tuesday, in the first military freedom of navigation operation since U.S. President Joe Biden said the U.S. would defend Taiwan if it were attacked by China.

Taiwan: Super Typhoon Hinnamor Merging With Tropical Depression

Super Typhoon Hinnamnor has started to absorb Tropical Depression TD14 which forecasters predict will enable it to increase in intensity and size, likely prompting the Central Weather Bureau (CWB) to issue a sea warning on Friday (Sept. 2) and if it shifts west, a land warning on Saturday (Sept. 3).

Super Typhoon Hinnamnor coming to South East Asia! Dangerous 160 mph wind speed alert!

Super Typhoon Hinnamnor, the strongest tropical storm of this year, is now moving towards the East China Sea, threatening Japan’s southern islands, according to the Japan Meteorological Agency. The Hinnamnor Typhoon has been classified as a Super Typhoon by the Joint Typhoon Warning Center. The typhoon is currently travelling with winds at a staggering 160 miles per hour. The height of the maximum significant wave has been observed at 50 feet by the Joint Typhoon Warning Center.

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