The Egyptian Government, Opposition, and Independent Press All Celebrate the Terrorists Attacks on t

Columnists from the government press joined Egypt's opposition press in celebrating the attacks on the U.S .
Egypt's government press displayed unconditional support for President Mubarak's position on the struggle against terrorism, and also leveled criticism at the U.S. for its disregard of Mubarak's past recommendations regarding terrorism. However, most of the columnists focused on America's plans for military reprisal. Al-Akhbar daily columnist Ahmad Ragab compared the terror attacks on the U.S. to the expected American military operation: "The U.S. and terrorism suffuse a foul atmosphere throughout the world. The smiles have disappeared from the faces of the peoples, who wait, across the world, for the disaster that either terrorists or the U.S. will visit upon them. The U.S. has become like the terrorists."(1)