Stars Cameron, Gilyard Strive for Excellence in Witness Through Acting

(AgapePress) - The new Left Behind movie is on the way. Fans all over are holding their breath until October 29 when Left Behind II: Tribulation Force will hit store shelves in VHS and DVD formats. Natural disasters, terrorist-triggered tragedy, the turn of the century -- no doubt all have contributed to heightened interest in spiritual themes and "end times" prophecies in the Bible. But nothing has done more to cultivate that interest than has the wildly popular Left Behind novel series by Tim LaHaye and Jerry B. Jenkins.

Indonesia: The "Inside" Story

The events in Central Sulawesi are finally beginning to get the attention of major newspapers. An article in the New York Times December 1 said, "Thousands of Christian villagers on the Indonesian island of Sulawesi are fleeing attacks by armed Muslim paramilitary forces." The article quoted a Roman Catholic priest, "Thousands have fled...What could they do? Their houses have been burned. The police came yesterday, but it was too late."

Palestinian Christians: The Other Side of the Story

Some time ago I was invited to present a two-day seminar in a church about the Middle East conflict. During the course of those sessions, we used an abundance of scriptures, carefully presented in their context, to clearly explain why the land is God's, that He entrusted it to Israel as a permanent possession, and what are the challenges of Islam. At the end of the two days, the senior Pastor told a couple in his church: "Well, I'd like to hear the Palestinian side..."