Ukraine, Russia Pressured For Peace As Deaths Mount And NATO Grows (Worthy News Radio)

Chinese pressure is mounting on Russia and Ukraine for a ceasefire and possible peace talks amid the rapidly climbing death toll on both sides around the eastern Ukrainian city Bakhmut. But government leaders on both sides remain reluctant to start negotiations immediately, with NATO expansion imminent and battles raging in Ukraine.

Pastor Aiding Ukraine Town After Massacre

A Ukrainian pastor is carrying humanitarian aid from the Netherlands to Bucha, the Ukrainian suburban town where hundreds of people were reportedly massacred by Russian forces.

Ukraine Refuses To Give Up Bakhmut Despite Exhaustion (Worthy News Radio)

Ukraine says it is still holding off attacks from Russian troops trying to surround its eastern city of Bakhmut, where many forces on both sides have been killed along with civilians. But Moscow has defended its invasion of Ukraine and warned it would do business with China and India.

Russian launches 28 airstrikes in massive bombardment of Ukraine

Ramping up its attacks on Ukraine, Russia launched 28 airstrikes in 24 hours on Monday, including the use of Iranian-made Shahed-136 drones, Newsweek reports. Monday reportedly also saw Ukrainians bombarded with a further eight Russian rocket attacks and 55 shellings.

Ukraine Vows Victory At First Anniversary of Russian Invasion (Worthy News Radio)

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky has vowed that his nation will do everything to achieve victory a year after Russia’s invasion. He spoke as emotionally charged ceremonies were underway across the country to remember the first anniversary of a war that killed at least tens of thousands of soldiers and civilians.

Moldova: ‘Russia Seeks Overthrow Government’

Moldova’s president says Russia is plotting to overthrow the country’s pro-European Union government after a Russian missile violated the country’s airspace.

Invisible University Of Ukraine In Pro-Russia Hungary (Worthy News Radio)

The Central European University (CEU) has launched a so-called ‘Invisible University’ for Ukrainian students facing or fleeing the war in their country. While mainly organized online, some students have also been able to meet in Budapest after a sometimes dangerous journey.

Ukraine Facing More Battles As Peace Talks Are Rejected (Worthy News Radio)

Moscow said Saturday it is ready for peace negotiations with Kyiv, but without preconditions, despite reportedly using more than 100 missiles and killer drones since Friday to attack critical infrastructure inside Ukraine. Though the fighting caused many casualties, Ukraine made clear it wasn’t ready for negotiations with invading Russia under the current circumstances.

Russian Missiles Rain On Ukraine After Western Jets Request (Worthy News Radio)

Kyiv says Russia launched over 50 missiles at Ukraine Friday, a day after President Volodymyr Zelensky pleaded in Europe for more military support, including fighter jets. Despite one of Russia’s worst air attacks, Zelensky claims he hasn’t given up hope on winning the war and seeks European Union membership.

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