Egypt: Coptic Archbishop stabbed to death, declared a martyr

A Coptic Archbishop who was stabbed to death on a street in Egypt earlier this month has been declared a martyr by the Coptic Orthodox Diocese of Alexandria, Morning Star News (MSN) reports. Archbishop Arsanious Wadidw was dressed in clerical attire and clearly identifiable as a priest when he was murdered by a lone knifeman as he handed out Ramadan gifts in Alexandria’s Maharam Bek District on April 7.

Pakistan announces “Islamization” of media and education

In a move which Pakistani Christians have described as “Islamization,” the government of Pakistan announced earlier this month a new policy to ensure that the country’s media and education system align with Islamic values, International Christian Concern (ICC) reports.

Russia switches to China’s card system after Visa, Mastercard suspends operations

After Visa and Mastercard announced that their operations in Russia would be suspended, many Russian banks announced on Sunday that they would soon begin issuing cards using the Chinese UnionPay card operator’s system combined with Russia’s own Mir network. Sberbank, Russia’s largest bank, as well as Alfa Bank and Tinkoff, all announced the transfer to UnionPay on Sunday.

Colombia decriminalizes abortion

Colombia’s Constitutional Court ruled on Monday that abortion should be decriminalized up to 24 weeks’ gestation, i24 News reports. The court made its decision after rights groups filed suit for abortion on demand to be legalized.

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