Indonesia’s Mount Semeru Erupts, 2,000 Flee

Some 2,000 people were rushed to safety after Indonesia’s feared Mount Semeru volcano erupted Sunday, spewing a cloud of ash 15 kilometers (49,000 feet) into the sky, authorities said.

Troubled World Rings In New Year

A troubled world began ringing in its New Year anxious about the coronavirus pandemic, disasters, and wars, including possible one in the heart of Europe.

Thousands Hiding For La Palma’s Volcano Gas

Tens of thousands of people on Spain’s troubled island of La Palma faced uncertainty Tuesday after authorities watched toxic gases from an ongoing volcano eruption.

Indonesia President To Rebuild As Volcano Kills Dozens

Indonesian President Joko Widodo vowed that his government would help rebuild communities after the eruption of one of Indonesia’s active volcanoes killed at least 34 people and left thousands homeless.

Prayers For La Palma As Volcano Erupts

The situation remains volatile for many living near the volcano on the Spanish island of La Palma, prompting prayers from the pope and, doubtless others. Dramatic footage emerged of a church wiped away in seconds Sunday by a relentless lava stream.

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