EU Observer(International News)

· 'Salvini down, but not out in Italy regional poll'
· '[Ticker] EU countries to evacuate citizens from virus-hit Wuhan in China'
· '[Agenda] Brexit finally happens - the UK leaves the EU This WEEK'
· 'Why is Netherlands so far behind on renewables?'
· 'Poland calls for Nato 'readiness' on Russia'
· 'EU gearing up for even more anti-crime measures'
· '[Ticker] Report: Austria and Italy block EU's Libya mission'
· '[Ticker] Michel organises extra EU budget summit on 20 February'
· '[Opinion] The bright side of 'Brexit Day' for the rest of the EU'
· '[Ticker] Catalan premier refuses to step down, despite ruling'
· '[Ticker] UK set to support new fossil fuel projects in Africa'
· '[Ticker] Leftist MEPs to visit jailed Catalan MEP'
· '[Ticker] Bulgaria may expel Russian diplomats over 'espionage''
· '[Ticker] EU, China, others agree on WTO body to settle disputes'
· '[Ticker] EU Commission makes move against Poland on judges law'
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