EU Observer(International News)

· [Interview] Guerot: Germany could lose its role in Europe
· UK to recognise some rulings by EU states' courts
· EU commissioner calls for new Turkey policy
· [Ticker] US will ask Nato allies to send more troops into Afghanistan
· [Ticker] Greece to be absent at event on Communism and Nazism
· [Ticker] Czechs want observer status in Eurogroup meetings
· [Ticker] Putin sends EU-blacklisted ambassador to US
· 'Killer robots' are not about Terminator
· [Opinion] Macron goes east to test appetite for EU integration
· 'I thought I was safe in Europe'
· [Ticker] Austria has begun checks at Italian border
· [Ticker] Slovenian PM: Brexit talks will take longer than expected
· [Ticker] Merkel backs diesel while report warns of economic harm
· [Ticker] UK to publish new Brexit papers this week
· Brexit realities dawn in UK

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