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Russia Deploys Tactical Nukes in Crimea

Russia is moving tactical nuclear weapons systems into recently-annexed Crimea while the Obama administration is backing informal talks aimed at cutting U.S. tactical nuclear deployments in Europe.

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Satellite Images Show Iranian Nuclear Facility Was Bombed

Unnamed diplomats warn deal may not be sunk as Iran refuses to explain its atomic detonators.
Satellite images have confirmed that a leading Iranian nuclear facility was bombed.

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World Leaders Call for an End of UN Security Council Veto Power

The Center for Reproductive Rights, a non-governmental organization that advocates for legalized abortion, is urging the United Nations Committee Against Torture to tell the Catholic Church that “the freedom of speech and of religion” do not give the church the right to advocate against abortion.
World leaders demanded Security Council reform during their addresses to the UN General Assembly over the past few days, calling for the addition of more permanent and non-permanent seats on the council and the elimination of the veto.

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U.S. Hits Al-Qaeda Group in Syria in Secret Strike

While a coalition of U.S. and Arab military forces struck at Islamic State targets inside Syria on Monday night, the Pentagon also engaged in a U.S.-exclusive action targeting a little-known al Qaeda-aligned group that U.S. officials say is plotting an "imminent attack" against the United States.

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World must prepare for 'Armageddon'-style cyber attack

The world must prepare for an "Armageddon"-style cyber attack, one of America's most influential regulators warned.

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Russia Conducts Massive Military Drills

More than 155,000 servicemen, 4,000 armoured vehicles, 632 planes and helicopters and 84 vessels are taking part in the Vostok-2014 strategic exercises.

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U.S. Strikes Islamic State in Syria

The U.S. military expanded its war against the Islamic State late Monday by sending waves of warplanes and launching Tomahawk cruise missiles into Syria to attack an array of targets in an aggressive and risk-laden operation that marks a new phase in the conflict.

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Diplomats: Iran open to softened US nuke proposal

Unnamed diplomats warn deal may not be sunk as Iran refuses to explain its atomic detonators.
With Iran refusing US demands that it gut its uranium enrichment program, the two sides are now discussing a new proposal that would leave much of Tehran's enriching machines in place but disconnected from feeds of uranium, diplomats told The Associated Press Saturday.

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More Mega 9.0 Earthquakes Are Coming, Study Says

A strong earthquake shook the southern Pacific coast of Mexico as well as the capital and several inland states Thursday, sending frightened people into unseasonal torrential rains that were also bearing down on the coast.
No one should be surprised if a magnitude-9 megaquake erupts off America's West Coast -- or anywhere else around the Pacific Ocean's "Ring of Fire," for that matter.

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Iran, Russia Boost Nuclear Ties

Unnamed diplomats warn deal may not be sunk as Iran refuses to explain its atomic detonators.
The heads of Iran and Russia's state-run nuclear agencies discussed the construction of new nuclear plants in Iran during a meeting held on Friday around the same time that Iranian President Hassan Rouhani and his Russian counterpart, Vladimir Putin, also sat down for a chat about Tehran’s ongoing nuclear negotiations with the West, according to regional reports.

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Islamic State Using U.S. Arms Supplied by Saudi Arabia

Islamic State fighters appear to be using captured US military issue arms and weapons supplied to moderate rebels in Syria by Saudi Arabia.

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Russian Bombers Practice Cruise Missile Strikes on U.S.

Two Russian strategic bombers conducted practice cruise missile attacks on the United States during a training mission last week that defense officials say appeared timed to the NATO summit in Wales.

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U.S. Expands Air Strikes Against Islamic State Around Haditha Dam

The U.S. military said Sunday it launched airstrikes around Haditha Dam in western Iraq, targeting Islamic State insurgents there for the first time in a move to prevent the group from capturing the vital dam.

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Obama: U.S. Will Not Lead Fight Against Islamic State

President Obama said that while the Islamic State can't be defeated without boots on the ground, those boots will not be members of the American military.

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Former Israeli President Shimon Peres Proposes 'UN for Religions' to Vatican

Former Israeli President Shimon Peres emerged from a Vatican City audience with Pope Francis Thursday after proposing a kind of United Nations for religions.

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