Worthy Christian News » Editor's Top Stories » Israel Planning New Temple on the Ruins of the Al-Aqsa Mosque Claims PA Official (Video)

Israel Planning New Temple on the Ruins of the Al-Aqsa Mosque Claims PA Official (Video)

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JERUSALEM, ISRAEL (Worthy News)-- Israel plans to blowup the Al-Aqsa Mosque in Jerusalem to prepare the way for a new Temple to be built on its ruins, Mahmoud al-Habash, the former Palestinian Authority (PA) Minister of Religious Affairs, claimed on Thursday.

The plot to destroy the Dome of the Rock, Habash claimed, is being planned by 'extremist Jewish organizations' and may be carried out by a drone carrying large amounts of explosives or a small plane flown by a Jewish suicide bomber.

He called on Muslims from all over the world to come to Jerusalem and to protect the Al-Aqsa Mosque from destruction.

This past February, Habash said 'every inch' of land captured by Israel in 1967 must be part of sovereign Palestine including the 'Buraq' wall. (Western Wall)

Over the past few months, PA officials have been claiming Israel's goal is to destroy the Al-Aqsa Mosque and replace it with a new Temple.

In March of 2014, Mufti Muhammad Hussein, the highest PA religious authority, said that Israel was making an "attempt... at laying hands on the blessed Al-Aqsa Mosque... [and] in addition to the threat of destroying the Al-Aqsa Mosque to establish the alleged Temple on its ruins."

A few weeks later on March 30, Khaled Mismar, Chairman of the Palestinian National Council, said on PA TV, "Now they want to divide up the Al-Aqsa Mosque (i.e., the Temple Mount Plaza). Furthermore, they want to destroy the Al-Aqsa Mosque and erect what they call 'the Temple' over Al-Aqsa."



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Worthy Christian News » Editor's Top Stories » Israel Planning New Temple on the Ruins of the Al-Aqsa Mosque Claims PA Official (Video)

8 thoughts on “Israel Planning New Temple on the Ruins of the Al-Aqsa Mosque Claims PA Official (Video)

  1. Oh yes the Bible says that a temple would be standing. The antiChrist would eventually sent up his image there after he breaks the so called peace treaty, which he enters into for a period of 7 years. But most importantly they (the Jews) would look upon Him who they pierced and shall call upon Him when they will be in serious serious trouble

  2. December 30, 2009
    Muhammad’s promise to Christians
    By Muqtedar Khan
    Director of Islamic Studies at the University of Delaware
    Muslims and Christians together constitute over 50 percent of the world. If they lived in peace, we would be half way to world peace. One small step we can take towards fostering Muslim-Christian harmony is to tell and retell positive stories and abstain from mutual demonization.
    In this article I propose to remind both Muslims and Christians about a promise that Prophet Muhammed (pbuh) made to Christians. The knowledge of this promise can have enormous impact on Muslim conduct towards Christians. Muslims generally respect the precedent of their Prophet and try to practice it in their lives.
    In 628 AD, a delegation from St. Catherine’s Monastery came to Prophet Muhammed and requested his protection. He responded by granting them a charter of rights, which I reproduce below in its entirety. St. Catherine’s Monastery is located at the foot of Mt. Sinai and is the world’s oldest monastery. It possess a huge collection of Christian manuscripts, second only to the Vatican, and is a world heritage site. It also boasts the oldest collection of Christian icons. It is a treasure house of Christian history that has remained safe for 1,400 years under Muslim protection.
    The Promise to St. Catherine:
    “This is a message from Muhammad ibn Abdullah, as a covenant to those who adopt Christianity, near and far, we are with them.
    Verily I, the servants, the helpers, and my followers defend them, because Christians are my citizens; and by Allah! I hold out against anything that displeases them.
    No compulsion is to be on them. Neither are their judges to be removed from their jobs nor their monks from their monasteries. No one is to destroy a house of their religion, to damage it, or to carry anything from it to the Muslims’ houses.
    Should anyone take any of these, he would spoil God’s covenant and disobey His Prophet. Verily, they are my allies and have my secure charter against all that they hate.
    No one is to force them to travel or to oblige them to fight. The Muslims are to fight for them. If a female Christian is married to a Muslim, it is not to take place without her approval. She is not to be prevented from visiting her church to pray. Their churches are to be respected. They are neither to be prevented from repairing them nor the sacredness of their covenants.
    No one of the nation (Muslims) is to disobey the covenant till the Last Day (end of the world).”
    The first and the final sentence of the charter are critical. They make the promise eternal and universal. Muhammed asserts that Muslims are with Christians near and far, straight away rejecting any future attempts to limit the promise to St. Catherine alone. By ordering Muslims to obey it until the Day of Judgment the charter again undermines any future attempts to revoke the privileges. These rights are inalienable. Muhammed declared Christians, all of them, as his allies and he equated ill treatment of Christians with violating God’s covenant.
    A remarkable aspect of the charter is that it imposes no conditions on Christians for enjoying its privileges. It is enough that they are Christians. They are not required to alter their beliefs, they do not have to make any payments and they do not have any obligations. This is a charter of rights without any duties!
    The document is not a modern human rights treaty, but even though it was penned in 628 A.D. it clearly protects the right to property, freedom of religion, freedom of work, and security of the person.
    I know most readers, must be thinking, So what? Well the answer is simple. Those who seek to foster discord among Muslims and Christians focus on issues that divide and emphasize areas of conflict. But when resources such as Muhammad’s promise to Christians is invoked and highlighted it builds bridges. It inspires Muslims to rise above communal intolerance and engenders good will in Christians who might be nursing fear of Islam or Muslims.
    When I look at Islamic sources, I find in them unprecedented examples of religious tolerance and inclusiveness. They make me want to become a better person. I think the capacity to seek good and do good inheres in all of us. When we subdue this predisposition towards the good, we deny our fundamental humanity. In this holiday season, I hope all of us can find time to look for something positive and worthy of appreciation in the values, cultures and histories of other peoples.

  3. Currently the Dome of the Rock sits on the temple ground. This is the second most holy place of Islam. It is very unlikely that anyone could negotiate the tearing down of the Dome of the Rock. A hint of how this might be accomplished is found in Rev 11:12 where the angel tells John “But the court which is without the temple leave out, and measure it not; for it is given unto the Gentiles”. According to Dr. Dan Bahat in Jerusalem – A variety of plans of historic structures and sites, 1980 P.42 and on the website templemount.org there is room on the temple site to accommodate both the Dome of the Rock and the new Temple. According to studies of the original rock faces the original Holy of Holies was built to the south of the Dome of the Rock. The issue is that at the current time a temple could not be built in that location without triggering an all-out war. It would have to be an extremely powerful negotiator and statesman who could craft an agreement with Islam to allow the Holy Place and the Holy of Holies of the Temple to be built next to the Dome of the Rock. Since the third Temple will in fact be built, the antichrist will somehow negotiate the deal.

    • Let me tell you who the "powerful negotiator" and architect will be! Read Zechariah 6:11-13!
      A man called the Branch, He shall build the Temple! Yeshua HaMashiach!
      It is absurd to think something so holy could stand next to something so insanely evil as the Dome of the Rock. It's almost hysterical that anyone could think this would be the case.

      Jesus will build His own Temple! He said He would and He will rule and reign from it. All knees will bow to Him and every tongue confess that He is LORD!!

  4. The claim that Al-Aqsa is built on the location of the second Temple, is based on the "western wall", dubbed the Wailing Wall. Historically, Josephus was there when the 10th Legion destroyed EVERYTHING Judaic in Jerusalem, even digging up the foundation stones. He wrote about it in the Jewish Wars. All that remained of Jerusalem was the home of the 10th Legion, Fort Antonia that was north of the Temple and loomed above it so that the Romans could keep an eye on the activities. The true site of the Temple of Solomon is south of the Haram esh-Sharif, at Gihon Spring, the only source of water for miles around, water vital to the activities of Judaic ritual practice. The Wailing Wall was established by the Kabalist rabbi, Isaac Luria decades after an ancient wall was discovered buried in garbage.

  5. Al-Aqsa mosque is a symbol to muslims as the World Trade Center once was. It is the place where the prophet's mythical horse's hoof touched down, establishing a fire hydrant around which dogs can rally.
    NATO should bomb the site in a joint mission, like a firing squad where no individual is singled out as executioner. Powerful message to Islam to stop terrorizing the world.

  6. who will believe in fictional journey of mohammed let us be sincere it is a shame to muslim world to maintain tHis mosque there. It shows clearly that there is no god in mecca

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Worthy Christian News » Editor's Top Stories » Israel Planning New Temple on the Ruins of the Al-Aqsa Mosque Claims PA Official (Video)