Worthy Christian News » US News » March for Marriage Kicks Off in D.C. (Video)

March for Marriage Kicks Off in D.C. (Video)

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WASHINGTON D.C. (Worthy News)-- March for Marriage kicks off today in Washington D.C. intended to "make a powerful statement" that marriage is a God-given institution designed for a man and a woman.

Former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee and former Sen. Rick Santorum are among those expected to address the crowd about the need for America to keep marriage as the divinely inspired union of one man and one woman.

Archbishop Salvatore Cordileone, head of the Archdiocese of San Francisco, is also expected to speak despite calls from House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi and other San Francisco politicians that he skip the event, which they called a hate rally.

The march follows weeks of coast-to-coast gay pride events featuring rainbow-festooned marchers, bikers, drag queens and floats. In the District alone, some 100,000 people gathered for the June 7 Capital Pride Parade, and even more came out for the next day’s Capital Pride Street Festival. -- Source


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Worthy Christian News » US News » March for Marriage Kicks Off in D.C. (Video)

4 thoughts on “March for Marriage Kicks Off in D.C. (Video)

  1. Honestly, what on Earth is it about law-abiding, taxpaying Gay couples getting married that terrifies so many people? These are couples who are in love, who have made a commitment to one another's happiness and well-being. These are couples who in most cases already share a life together. Unless the Constitution (especially the 14th Amendment) applies only to people who are Straight, I can see no justification for denying law-abiding, taxpaying Gay couples the same legal benefits and opportunities that Straight couples have always taken for granted.

    What are people so fearful of? The marriage equality movement was never some sinister effort to make homosexuality compulsory for everyone. It won't cause otherwise Straight people to marry other persons of the same sex. It will not require anyone to attend weddings for Gay couples. Conversely, denying Gay people the right to marry is not going to make Gay people turn Straight!

    What are people so fearful of? Is not love and commitment far more preferable to loneliness and promiscuity? Why does the joy of Gay couples getting married make so many people angry?

  2. Chuck,

    You asked 'what is it that so many people are afraid of' regarding the marriage of gay people. It is not at all a fear issue. It is a right and wrong issue. You wrote about 'law abiding tax paying' couples. But, the fact that they are right in those two issues of their lives; paying their taxes and obeying the civil law does not free them to do something else which is very wrong. God is our creator and the One who gives us moral absolutes. I know, many peoples complaint is that they don't believe that God even exists and therefore don't believe that the bible was inspired by Him. The truth is, God has put the knowledge of His existance in every human heart and deep down everyone knows that God is real. They have a conscience which was put there by God and they have all the obvious proof by all that He has made. The argument about an evolution which somehow without any need for intelligence designed and created all we see is simply not believable and the only way you could possibily believe that is if you don't want to believe the obvious; because you don't want to accept the fact that there are moral absolutes and there is a God you and I have to be in subjection to. The pride of the human heart strives against these. But, think about this; and this is proof that evolutionary thinking is a 'hope based religion or philosophy, not an evidence based one - it is taught and pushed as substantiated fact in our schools and nature programs even though it cannot be substantiated or explained. Ask any evolutionist how the process of evolution all started; the very basic of questions that must be answered to prove that it is fact; and you will be given a string of conjecture and theory and quite frankly unbelievable nonsence which doesn't answer your question. " Somehow these elements came together and blah blah blah...elements from where? Building blocks for life from where? From, nothing? You mean to tell me that this is taught as a scientifically proven belief which should be taught to the minds of our children even though it can't be explained how it even started. This is proof enough that it is a hope based belief; certainly not a scienfic one. Take any other scienfic paper and use these same principles to 'prove' your theory and you will be laughed to scorn. But, mankind whose heart is set against God and His ways and is happy in his sin will believe it because it is something which in some way appeases the conscience of the unbeliever and he contents himself that God is not there and does not see all his ways. Truth is, looking logically at our creation one will logically come to the conclusion that there is simply too much design in our surroundings to believe in the absense of a designer. My friend, God is very real indeed; he made you and me and he does demand that we see ourselves for what we really are; people who have broken his command, not lived up to his perfect standard and are in need of a Saviour who God provided in the person of His Son. He gave His life freely to satisfy the justice of this perfect and holy God to enable God to wipe away our wrongs and make us completely right with Him. This is the reason that not only gay marriage is wrong, but homosexuality acts are wrong. You mention many of these gay people are already living together, but they are already wrong even before they take a covenant which God gave for man and women and desicrate it; they are already in grave danger of the judgement of God because of their sodomy. Even when we look at our body parts we are able (without the bais of our sinful desires) to figure out what they are for. The back passage is designed for getting rid of filth from the body; which is filled with harmful bacteria and the smell of it should tell you something. So, when people do something which is outside the natural order of God's design; what happens, they are likely to get very sick and end up with aids or the like. Do two women have the 'equipment' to have sexual intercourse? No, they've got to come up with some other man made implement to do that. Everything is there before us to know the truth; it is just that we don't want to see it. And that is why mankind is without excuse in his sin; because each one knows deep down what is right and wrong. I am not saying that people who have homosexual feelings don't have these feelings and that they are not impossible to overcome by themselves. Sin is impossible to overcome in any shape or form. We have a sinful nature. That's why God sent Jesus; to destroy the works of the devil. Human longings for emotional closeness leading to a desire for physical closeness always comes from a deficiency in love from that sex of parent. A guy growing up who does not have a love expressing father will always feel a deficiency and the same goes for a girl with her mother. God made things perfect in creation; it was only the disobedience of man that has really screwed and messed everything up. So, although our nations in the west and others reject the laws of God and say' we've moved on; that was then, this is now. God still says the same thing 'I change not' and will still call every single one of us into judgement on that final day. Sex before marriage is still wrong, homosexual acts are still wrong, abortion is still murder, as is euthanasia. His Word in the bible can be trusted and He can be trusted to save to the uttermost anyone who puts their trust in Jesus His Son!

  3. I've had more people attend my dog's birthday party and his speech was far more intelligent than any of the NOM pawns!

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Worthy Christian News » US News » March for Marriage Kicks Off in D.C. (Video)