Nine Arrested in Overnight Raids, Two Palestinians Killed During Clashes

JERUSALEM, ISRAEL (Worthy News)-- Operation Bring Back Our Brothers continued into its tenth day as Israel searches for three kidnapped teenagers.   Nine more Palestinians were arrested bringing the total to approximately 350, mostly Hamas members.  In clashes with Israel Defense Forces (IDF) two Palestinians were killed.

The IDF has scanned through 1,350 locations in search for the abducted boys, for terrorists and for illegal weapons.

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Two Palestinians killed during clashes with IDF, nine arrested overnight - Ynet News
"We are receiving stronger evidence about the link between Dawa and terrorism," a senior military official said. The official stressed that "the fact that there dozens of people are being arrested every night does not mean that we are taking the foot off the pedal, but that we are concentrating our efforts in searches north of Hebron. A total of 350 people have been arrested since the beginning of the operation and nearly 1,300 targets have been scanned."

Two Palestinians shot dead in the West Bank - Times of Israel
Two Palestinians were killed by security forces operating in the West Bank early Sunday morning, as Israel pushed on with a 10-day offensive aimed at recovering three kidnapped Israeli teens and pressuring the Hamas movement, which Israel holds responsible for the kidnapping.

Netanyahu: We will soon publish proof that Hamas is responsible for kidnappings - Jerusalem Post
The IDF has no intention of harming any innocent Palestinians, but in the process of self-defense there are occasionally victims, Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu said Sunday.

Thousands of IDF soldiers in west Hebron area searching for abducted teens - Jerusalem Post
The IDF has focused its search for the three abducted teenagers in the west Hebron area over the past two days, a senior army source said on Saturday evening.

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