Operation Brother’s Keeper Continues; 18 Palestinians Arrested

On Saturday night Israel Defense Forces (IDF) arrested 18 suspected Palestinians, and searched 190 suspected locations in the West Bank as Operation Brother’s Keeper continued as the search continued for the missing three teenagers who were kidnapped 17 days ago.

Israel Defense Forces Arrest 9 Palestinians Overnight

Israel Defense Forces (IDF) arrested nine Palestinian suspects overnight Thursday, and searched over 40 sites as Operation Brother’s Keeper continued in search for the three kidnapped Israeli teenagers.

Cabinet Votes to Scale Back Operation in Light of Ramadan

Israel’s Security Cabinet voted to reduce Israel Defense Forces (IDF) presence in the West Bank and limit the scope of Operation Brother’s Keeper, with fears of a continued IDF operation during Ramadan, which begins Saturday, would further escalate tensions in the region, Israel Army Radio reported.

Palestinians Turn to U.N. Security Council to Stop West Bank Raids

The Palestinian Authority appealed to the U.N. Security Council, calling for an end to Operation Brother’s Keeper, the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) operation combing the West Bank for the abducted teenagers that has lasted more than ten days.

Netanyahu: Hamas Behind Kidnappings, We Will Provide Evidence (Video)

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanayahu addressed his cabinet today, saying the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) are continuing their search for the abducted three Israeli teenagers, and will soon provide to the world incontrovertible proof that Hamas is behind the recent kidnappings.

Nine Arrested in Overnight Raids, Two Palestinians Killed During Clashes

Operation Bring Back Our Brothers continued into its tenth day as Israel searches for three kidnapped teenagers. Nine more Palestinians were arrested bringing the total to approximately 350, mostly Hamas members. In clashes with Israel Defense Forces (IDF) two Palestinians were killed.

Israel Continues Operation Brother’s Keeper, 25 Arrested Thursday Night

On Thursday night, the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) continued its Operation Bring Back Our Brothers in search for three teenagers kidnapped last week. The overnight raids resulted in the arrest of 25 Palestinians in the West Bank bringing the total of suspects held to 330, 240 of whom are associated with Hamas.

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