Search Continues Into 12th Day For Missing Teens; Hamas Praises Kidnappers

JERUSALEM, ISRAEL (Worthy News)-- Operation Brother's Keeper continued into its 12th days; Israel Defense Forces (IDF) in overnight raids searched 120 homes and arrested four more Palestinians suspected of terrorism. The total number of arrests is now 354, of which 269 are Hamas members.

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Israelis Uncover Explosives Workshops, Tunnels During Search for Kidnapped Teens - Washington Free Beacon
Soldiers searching for three Israeli students kidnapped on the West Bank 10 days ago have uncovered 10 workshops for manufacturing explosive devices and scores of hidden tunnels, according to army spokesmen, but there is still no sign of the kidnap victims.

Fatah-Hamas merger on thin ice - Jerusalem Post
Senior Hamas official accuses Abbas of evading commitments to reconciliation agreement, as kidnapping of youths intensifies tensions between the factions.

Mashal praises kidnappers, says Hamas has no information - Ynet News
Hamas leader Khaled Mashal addressed the kidnapping of three Israeli teens for the first time on Monday, saying that the Gaza-based organization had no information regarding the fate of the abducted teens.

Four arrested overnight in West Bank as sweep continues - Times of Israel
Since the start of operation “Brother’s Keeper,” the large-scale IDF action in the West Bank aimed at returning the three and weakening the power base of the Islamist group Hamas, which Jerusalem says is behind the kidnapping, Israel has searched some 1,800 locations and arrested some 354 Palestinians, the army said. Of these, 269 were Hamas members and 57 were among those were released as part of the 2011 deal to free captured soldier Gilad Shalit.

Palestinian death toll at five as West Bank 'street' turns against PA troops - Ha'aretz
Protesters clash with Israeli, Palestinian forces on 10th day of Operation Brother's Keeper; Abbas warns that prolonging raids could 'incite the territory and plunge it out of control.'

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