Former Soviet Bloc Nations Sign EU Agreements

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BRUSSELS (Worthy News)-- Ukraine, Georgia, and Moldova signed sweeping trade and political agreements with the European Union, risking a widening rift with Russia who strongly opposed any deal.

"What a great day – maybe the most important day for my country after independence day," newly elected Ukraine President Petro Poroshenko said. "It shows how dramatically things can change in a short time if the will of the people is strong enough."

The signed agreements which aligned Ukraine with the West both economically and politically – served as a catalyst for months of protests, the exile of former Ukrainian president, and the death of scores of Ukrainians.

"Will Europe be free, or partly free?" Mr. Poroshenko said. “Will it have to worry about more war and annexation, or will it be confident in the future? These aren't idle questions, and the answer will depend on the success or failure of documents we sign today."

Hours before Ukraine signed the pact with the European Union, Pro-Russian separatists defied a government ceasefire and attacked Ukrainian government forces at an airport in east Ukraine.

Russia demanded talks with the EU and Ukraine before any deals were signed, and threaten Ukraine for being left out of the negotiations.

Now it appears, the three countries may face economic pressures from Moscow, which attempted to enlarge its newly formed Eurasian Union by adding the former Soviet bloc nations has been derailed.

Last month, Belarus and Kazakhstan joined Russia to form the Eurasian Union.

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1 thought on “Former Soviet Bloc Nations Sign EU Agreements”

  1. The pro-Russian news media would have us believe that the removal of the elected Ukrainian government was entirely the doing of the United States. While the US government is clearly quite stupid, this makes no sense. Ukraine has signed an agreement for closer ties to the EU not the United States.

    Pro Russian media would have us believe that EU nations are puppets of the US. In truth, the EU perceives the US as a strategic competitor and would happily do any and everything they could to undermine the US. For example, key EU nations such as France and Germany actively undermined US actions in Operation Iraqi Freedom. Pro Russian media routinely attacks nominal US allies such as Germany, France, United Kingdom, Japan, South Korea, Australia, and others as "puppets" of the US. To attack proud and independent nations in this manner is no doubt insulting to them. This is certainly NOT a good formula on the part of Russia to win friend and influence people.

    Russia is the world's most powerful nation with or without Ukraine. Militarily at least no one else even comes close. Perhaps they think they do not need friends.

    Furthermore in the UN 100 nations voted with Ukraine and only 11 sided with Russia. This further debunks the notion that the overthrow of the elected Ukrainian government was orchestrated by the US. The anti-American UN will have no part in helping the US in any way shape or form. The US only contributes to the UN as a form of blackmail and many idiotic US leaders largely agree with such positions. The problem with blackmailers is they will eventually do what they threaten to do anyway!!

    None of this is to absolve the US of any of its actions in this situation. Entering into the Russia/Ukraine conflict by the US is the dumbest move made by any nation in the history of civilization. The US should seek to extricate itself from this by any and all means necessary. A good starting point is likely for US leadership to do the following: 1.) indicate clearly and forcefully to all parties involved the US will not support any solution to this conflict that does not have the clear and direct approval of Vladimir Putin and 2.) until Russia chooses to alter its position any solution to this conflict that does not recognize that Crimea was and is a part of Russia and that Russia will own all rights to the naval base there in perpetuity is unacceptable to the US and will be vigorously opposed by the US.

    Since the EU has no hope of defending these nations against whatever Russia might choose to do and the US military which has been run into the ground from continuing operations over the last 13 years has no hope of standing up to Russia or their allies and surely the former Soviet Republics must know this, after all little ole me ahs figured this out. It should go without saying they should have as well. Apparently they are quite stupid as well.

    Again, the point is not to absolve the US of absolutely brain dead bone headed policy but to point out that things are not nearly as simple as how the pro-Russian media would make them out to be. If the pro-Russian news media truly is controlled by the Russian leadership as some commentators have suggested they are, this means the most powerful country in the world, at least militarily which is clearly Russia may be in some trouble. This means they fail to grasp their enemy. As Sun Tzu the world's greatest military strategist pointed out, failure to understand one's enemies means one will lose half the battles they face. Perhaps Russia, for all its power, is not invincible.

    Since Russia may not truly understand its enemies, this means it may be facing a popular uprising of its dominance as opposed to a US orchestrated fall of its all allied government of Ukraine. Of course this dose not help the US in any way shape or form as Russia's wrath will be directed at it. Since the US cannot hope to defeat Russia in a hot war, the best course of action for the US will be as I mentioned above.

    Now the US could possibly prevail against Russia but the only way to do so would be a miracle on the level of the parting of the Red Sea that allowed the Israelites to defeat the armies of ancient Egypt. Since the US has largely departed from God and the US is not the chosen people, it seems problematic, at best, that God would intervene in this manner to protect the US. The best course of action on the part of the US would clearly be to acknowledge Russian superiority in all things much as the ancient Israelites were instructed to submit to ancient Babylon The EU, Ukraine, and other former Soviet Republics would be well advised to do the same. Unfortunately it seems stupidity is not limited to US leadership.

    As for the US, Russia harbors a certain amount of bitterness over the Cold War and Serbia. The US should seek to reconcile with the stronger and VERY angry adversary by any means necessary. At this point, Russia is only allowing the US to continue to exist because they find our stupidity amusing. As for the EU, they should admit they made a mistake in supporting Ukraine and announce they will only support any position supported by Vladimir Putin. I suspect Russia will allow them to live. as for the US, it has bigger issues. American penance will likely require more. Perhaps if Russia is given veto power over all US foreign policy decisions this will be enough. Once can only hope this is the case and that US leaders are bright enough to figure this out.

    Russia does have demographic issues but this is a problem that will only manifest itself in 50 years or sol Vladimir Putin seems to be on the right track to addressing this. US and EU nation problems are far more acute. Russian leadership no doubt thanks whatever god or gods they believe in that their problems are nowhere near as acute as those faced by America.

    The best we can hope for is a return to God and our founding principles that were based upon the precepts found in the Old and New Testaments of the Holy Scriptures. If we do this, our civilization will survive.

    Failing this hopefully the pro Russian news media really is controlled by the Russian government. This would mean they fail to grasp their true enemy. The true enemy would be that they face an uprising against their dominance. Since they may not know their enemy, maybe they can be defeated by someone. The pathetic EU nor the worn down and depleted US military has any chance baring divine intervention has no hope of doing so.

    Oh and a bit off topic the US dollar will soon lose its role as world reserve currency, Optimally the US Treasury should begin planning for this as it is inevitable and cannot be prevented. Unfortunately US intelligence will likely be caught flat footed on this on as they have been on pretty much everything of importance in the last 30+ years or so. Good outcomes for America are still possible but time grows short. Good leadership will be paramount.

    Unfortunately at present we do not have good leadership. Maybe new leadership can be brought in with the Congressional elections. Perhaps these new leaders can thwart POTUS assuming we get new leaders, a big IF. Perhaps with a combination of leadership changes and divine intervention the US might just survive.

    given the fact that current leadership has certain structural advantages, it is hard to imagine such changes. With that said, we serve a God who is bigger than the current US, EU leadership and is bigger than Russia or its leadership with proper prayer and supplication the US and its people can yet prevail.

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