Full Coverage: Rockets Land Far North Near Lebanon (Videos)

JERUSALEM (Worthy News)– While rockets landed in Tel Aviv and towns near the Lebanon border, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu prepared his nation that Operation Protective Edge could “take time.”  Israel continued to build forces on the Gaza border as it warned some residents to leave their homes in preparation of a ground operation.


The Palestinian delegate to the UN Human Rights Council (UNHRC) Ibrahim Khreisheh has admitted that Hamas is committing war crimes by firing rockets into Israel. Khreisheh was speaking on Palestinian television last week, in an interview translated by MEMRI (the Middle East Media Research Institute).

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Gaza rockets launched towards Tel Aviv; 2 intercepted
– Ynet News
Some one million Israelis woke up to the sound of alarms after 6 am, as Code Red sirens blared in cities across central and southern Israel: Rehovot, Rishon LeZion, Modi’in, Ashdod, Lod, Ashkelon, Ramle, Ben Gurion Airport, and other smaller communities.

IDF begins evacuating Gazans before stepped up air strikes – Jerusalem Post
The IDF has begun warning residents of northern Gaza and other areas in the Strip from which heavy and long-range rockets are being fired at Israel, to leave ahead of a stepped-up campaign of air raids that will target Hamas leaders hiding under large residential buildings, a senior army source said on Saturday night.

Thousands flee north Gaza after IDF warning – Times of Israel
Thousands of Palestinians were fleeing northern Gaza on Sunday after a night of intense Israeli strikes and an explicit warning from the army that the raids were set to intensify as Israel attempts to stop Hamas rocket attacks

Rocket attacks on Tel Aviv from Gaza, sirens in far North near Lebanon – Jerusalem Post
Rocket siren sounds in Hadera , Binyamina as well as central Israel; the IDF checking if rockets fell in the Nahariya area after sirens wail in town close to Lebanon border.

IDF commander seeks God’s help to fight ‘blasphemous’ Gazans
An IDF infantry brigade commander has come under criticism after composing a letter to his subordinate officers in which he called upon the divine to assist Israel in fighting a “blasphemous” foe in the Gaza Strip

Intel: Tunnel vision – Jerusalem Post
Hamas would like to draw Israel into a ground incursion where it would fight the IDF from highly sophisticated underground network, knowing Jerusalem does’t intend to topple Hamas leaving a power vacuum.

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