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Feds Ask Churches to House Migrants

Monday, July 14, 2014 | Tag Cloud Tags:

By Joseph DeCaro, Worthy News Correspondent

SAN DIEGO (Worthy News)-- The Department of Homeland Security has asked Catholic churches in California to temporarily house and feed illegal Central American immigrants until 2016, according to The Daily Caller.

In response, the diocese has offered to allow illegals to stay at church facilities for up to three days while they are being moved by immigration agencies to towns where they want to live. But the transfer of illegal immigrants into California has been suspended following public protests in Murrieta, Calif. And Americans in other states have successfully protested and blocked the administration's effort to transport illegals into their towns

To date, one convoy of families has been sent to the diocese, said Virginia Kice, western region communications director at U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement.

"We reached out ... to a number of community and faith-based groups several weeks ago," Kice said. "They could serve an invaluable intermediary in the process ... Our goal was simply to mitigate the impact on the migrants, to try to make their transition easier."

However, the church's offer of free services to DHS is potentially illegal. Federal law prevents government agencies from taking free services from people or private organizations as that would allow those agencies to bypass the congressional power of the purse.

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Worthy Christian News » Christian » Feds Ask Churches to House Migrants

1 thought on “Feds Ask Churches to House Migrants

  1. The House Democrats are growing progressively more disturbed about GOP voice in revising the 2008 human trafficking law in a deal for approving the President $3.7 billion emergency funding appeal to address the illegal alien crisis at the Mexican/US border. This would place children from Central America, on the same footing as Mexicans and Canadian aliens and be able to accelerate hearings and deportation. If ICE and Human Services communicated, perhaps also hundreds of millions of aliens living here, could be caught when claiming a child or a number of offspring? Of course the Liberals have no intentions of consenting to these efforts and will fight for passage of what they call a “clean” supplement as without the amendment; as it means more Dem voters in the future years, and hundreds of thousands of early petitions for family members brought into the country, by current policies.

    This will accrue even more poverty, more benefits upon the already hard pressed taxpayers who will get the bill. The National Tea Party candidates would never hesitate to amend 2008 law, unlike the OLD GUARD in the establishment. Social Security is already running into trouble, along with Medicare in the future as nothing has been done for three decades to stop this roaring financial locomotive towards unsure losses in the future. Yet Obama is striving to gain headway, on bringing more poor into the country?


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Worthy Christian News » Christian » Feds Ask Churches to House Migrants