Worthy Christian News » US News » Pentagon Gives Pink Slips to Thousands of Soldiers

Pentagon Gives Pink Slips to Thousands of Soldiers

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WASHINGTON D.C. (Worthy News)-- The Pentagon is laying off thousands of officers due to sequestration budget cuts to the Defense Department, including active those actively serving overseas in Afghanistan.

Defense Department officials said the reductions are the result of mandatory spending cuts imposed by sequestration and are part of their larger plan to reduce the number of U.S. soldiers from 520,000 to 450,000.

Roughly 2,600 captains and other officers have or will be laid off, with more expected, Fox News learned Friday.

The decision to send pink slips to soldiers overseas on active duty is dangerous and bad for morale, says retired Major Gen. Robert Scales.

Oklahoma Sen. James Inhofe, the top Republican on the Senate Armed Services Committee, said in response: “Once again [President Obama] is putting domestic politics ahead of the security of our nation. The Army captains and majors receiving pink slips while on the battlefield is just the latest example. -- Source

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Worthy Christian News » US News » Pentagon Gives Pink Slips to Thousands of Soldiers

7 thoughts on “Pentagon Gives Pink Slips to Thousands of Soldiers

    • Yes, and as we fire our faithful protectors, does it not seem as if the rest of the world is in chaos? I thought our new fuehrer was going to "calm the seas" or something like that?

      • 'Change We Can Believe In' – was the 2008 U.S. presidential campaign slogan of Barack Obama - which he is certainly working on.
        How many people in 'Amerika' asked what that change was going to be?
        If they had asked, would Pres. Barack Hussein Obama II have answered that it was to totally destroy 'Amerika'?
        - Which he is in the latter stages of doing so that this country will become yet another Communist and/or Mohammedan police state.

  1. This is the lowest Active Duty US Military strength since 1940 - reported by one source as 458,365.
    This is not just 'unbelievable' - this should be spoken plainly of as TREASON by 'Amerikan' politicians and 'burro-crats'!

    • Brother Nick, please remember: a Democrat is in charge now. You might hurt their feelings. :-) The Leftist motto is "Peace at all costs." As the world falls apart under the Abortion and Poverty President (or is it the Golf and Fundraiser President?), somewhere Jimmy Carter is smiling, because his foreign policy now looks remarkably good by comparison.

      This is what the world looks like when a nation votes for their "leader" based on feelings and not evidence and critical thinking. It looked quite a bit like this in the 1930's also: http://www.frontpagemag.com/2014/ari-lieberman/letting-the-anti-semitism-genie-out-of-the-bottle/

  2. The USA has 300,000 troops stationed overseas. Bringing home 2800 of them does not constitute a danger to US security.

    • Paul, they aren't merely coming home - they are being laid off in the battlefield. That's a bit of a new trend. Usually, we let our warriors finish their fighting, bring them home honorably, and then reassign them before laying them off. I guess the question is: when a soldier gets a pink slip in the battlefield, and the enemy points their weapon at him, should he wave the pink slip and say "You can't shoot me, because I am no longer employed by the U.S. Military?" :-)

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Worthy Christian News » US News » Pentagon Gives Pink Slips to Thousands of Soldiers