Full Coverage: Israel Accepts Egyptian Proposed Ceasefire, Hamas Rejects

Tuesday, July 15, 2014 | Tag Cloud

JERUSALEM (Worthy News)-- Israel accepted a Egyptian proposed ceasefire that went into effect at 9 AM, while Hamas' armed wing rejected the offer completely saying it was "surrender."  If the ceasefire does not hold, Israel vowed to respond in force.   Over the seven days of Operation Protective Edge,  Israel has struck over 1,500 terrorist related targets in the Gaza Strip.

Meanwhile, rockets fell in Eilat for the first time causing minor injuries and light damage.

The terms of the Egyptian proposal are based on the 2012 ceasefire agreement following Operation Pillar of Defense.

First, Israel stops all its hostilities against the Gaza Strip in land, sea and air, committing not to launch a land strike or target civilians.

Secondly, All Gaza factions commit to stopping all hostilities against Israel in land, sea, air and underground and targeting Israeli civilians.

And finally, border crossings will be opened, allowing for people and commodities to move freely.

The ceasefire will begin at 9 a.m. local time and be implemented within 12 hours, until 9 p.m.. 48 hours later Israeli and Palestinian delegations will arrive in Cairo and discuss final security arrangements.


Hamas Spokesman Sami Abu Zuhri says, "We are not leading our people today to destruction, we are leading our people to death."

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While Israel's security cabinet decided to accept the Egyptian ceasefire initiative on Tuesday morning, Hamas' armed wing rejected the offer completely, saying it was "a surrender" to Israel.

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It's not yet completely clear how Hamas and Israel will respond to the Egyptian proposal for a ceasefire to to be announced on Tuesday morning. But one thing is certain: This is the darkest hour for the Hamas leadership in Gaza and abroad.

If they accept the Egyptian proposal, they will be perceived as having been heavily defeated in the latest round of conflict with Israel; a defeat that is close to a humiliation.

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The IDF spokesperson confirmed Monday afternoon that day seven of Operation Protective Edge has included some 100 attacks on terrorist targets throughout the Gaza strip. The spokesman added that the total number of attacks over all seven days has reached 1,535.

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Iranian military leaders on Monday celebrated Hamas’ use of advanced long-range rockets that were supplied to the terror group by the Iranian regime.

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Two sisters, aged 11 and 13, from a Beduin village near Beersheba, were seriously wounded by a Gazan rocket attack on Monday.

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The Iron Dome missile defense system is already capable of intercepting almost all enemy rockets fired at Israel and will continue to improve its accuracy, one of its chief developers said Monday. He warned, however, that the country’s civilian population must not become complacent and must adhere to instructions by the Home Front Command.

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A major hacking attack was carried out on Monday morning against some of Hamas's leading websites. For more than five hours various sites were disabled and others displayed content against Hamas and its leaders.

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