Worthy Christian News » Israel-Palestinian Conflict » Israel Agrees to Five Hour Ceasefire; Terrorist Attack Twarted (Video)

Israel Agrees to Five Hour Ceasefire; Terrorist Attack Twarted (Video)

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JERUSALEM (Worthy News)-- Israel accepted a five-hour unilateral UN ceasefire proposal to allow humanitarian relief to enter Gaza.  Meanwhile, the IDF thwarted at least 13 terrorists who tried to infiltrate Israel through a tunnel near Kibbutz Sufa, south of the Gaza Strip.

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Gaza terror tunnel attack thwarted - Ynet News
IDF forces identified some 13 Gaza terrorists who attempted to penetrate into Israel through a tunnel from Gaza Strip Thursday morning.

Ground incursion in Gaza said 'very likely' - Times of Israel
The IDF is very likely to put boots on the ground and send ground forces into the Gaza Strip, a high ranking Israeli security official reportedly said Wednesday, adding that such an incursion would not pose a serious challenge for the military

Israel agrees to UN request for five-hour cease-fire in Gaza - Jerusalem Post
Israel on Wednesday accepted a UN proposal for a five-hour unilateral humanitarian pause in the fighting to allow for relief aid into Gaza, less than two days after it accepted a more comprehensive cease-fire proposal that was answered by continuous rocket attacks from Gaza.

Rockets hit Israel hours before 'humanitarian' lull expected to begin - Ynet News
Rockets continued to fall on Israel Thursday, hours before an agreed five-hour UN brokered "humanitarian" pause in fighting was set to begin at 10 am.

Egyptians increasingly critical of Hamas - Washington Times
The Palestinian militant group Hamas is losing support among Egyptians, who increasingly are criticizing its role in the violence plaguing the Gaza Strip and Israel.

Source: IDF units operating in Gaza since op began - Ynet News
For the past nine days – the entire duration of Operation Protective Edge – the IDF's special units have been operating on the ground in Gaza. Part of that activity was revealed when Shayetet 13 soldiers were injured last week, but most of the operations remain under the fog of war.

Hamas Warns of "New Weapons" if Israeli Air strikes Continue - Media Line
On the sixth day of the current round of fighting between Israel and the Islamist Hamas movement, there is no sign that either side is interested in a cease-fire. Hamas stepped up its rhetoric, warning of “new weapons” if Israel does not stop its attacks. Israel ordered residents of the northern Gaza Strip to leave their homes in advance of heavy Israeli bombardment.

Tel Aviv hosts test of new tunnel detection system - Ynet News
Recently, the defense establishment registered progress in its attempt to find a solution to locating one of Hamas' disturbing threats: the terror tunnels. Soldiers of IDF Talpiot program, who have been working on developing an innovative system, have held a successful experiment in Tel Aviv underground tunnels.

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Worthy Christian News » Israel-Palestinian Conflict » Israel Agrees to Five Hour Ceasefire; Terrorist Attack Twarted (Video)

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Worthy Christian News » Israel-Palestinian Conflict » Israel Agrees to Five Hour Ceasefire; Terrorist Attack Twarted (Video)