Messianic leaders say Hebrew tablet validates Jesus' claims

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By Dan Wooding
Founder of ASSIST Ministries

ISRAEL/JORDAN (ANS) -- Israeli Jewish believers in Jesus say the recently publicized Hebrew tablet describing the death and resurrection of a messianic figure challenges centuries of teachings by rabbinic Judaism that the redemptive process of Jesus was a departure from biblical Jewish understanding, according to a story carried on

The story says that the unique stone tablet dubbed “Gabriel's Revelation” contains 87 partial lines of archaic Hebrew in which the archangel commands a messianic ruler identified as the “Prince of Princes” to rise after having been dead for three days.

“The tablet was found in neighboring Jordan some eight years ago, but just last week gained international attention after featuring as one of the centerpieces at a special Israel Museum event marking 60 years since the discovery of the Dead Sea Scrolls,” said Israel Today.

“The content of the tablet quickly made headlines after a leading Israeli professor of Bible studies, Israel Knohl of the Hebrew University, spoke of his conclusions regarding the script.”

In an interview with the International Herald Tribune, Knohl called the text “revolutionary” in its confirmation that Messiah suffering and dying was originally a Jewish concept.

Knohl differed with other experts who examined the tablet by suggesting it is speaking of a specific messianic Jewish figure named Simon, a first century BC leader who led a failed revolt against King Herod of Judea.

Knohl said that whether the tablet is speaking of Simon or not, the fact that the concept of a messiah figure suffering, dying and being resurrected was already established by the time of Jesus should shake the Christian world.

According to Knohl, the tablet proves that “what happens in the New Testament was adopted by Jesus and his followers based on an earlier messiah story.”

The story added that Gershon Nirel, a prominent Israeli historian and Jewish believer in Jesus, has a different take. He says the tablet is further evidence that Jesus was the kind of messiah Israel was waiting for, even if the rabbis now teach that Jesus failed to meet the biblical messianic criteria.

“Judaism is coming closer to the idea of redemption through the cleansing blood of Messiah, an idea that had been abandoned throughout the last centuries,” said Nirel.

The story went on to say that Israeli theologian and fellow Messianic Jew Tsvi Sadan added that even if Knohl's conclusions rub some believers in Jesus the wrong way, they still represent a step in the right direction.

“One can agree or disagree with Knohl’s conclusion, but the persistence of one of the leading Old Testament scholars in Israel today to prove that the death of the Messiah for Israel’s sake is not a Christian innovation is commendable in light of the tenuous relationship between the Jewish people and Jesus,” explained Sadan.

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3 thoughts on “Messianic leaders say Hebrew tablet validates Jesus' claims”

  1. This is good news and Worthy News at some of their best.

    We can get our spiritual senses dulled when we have too much of the world's 'world view'. So called 'main stream' news sources (AP, Reuters, CNN, FOX) are not the true 'main stream' for Christians.

    Revelation it is said comes in two basic ways for the Talmudim of YHWH Jesus. (Talmudim means "disciple, learner"." General revelation (understanding of life emotionally, mentally, spiritually and physically) comes from all around us from what we see, taste, touch, hear, and think. What some scholars and theologians call 'special revelation' comes from a vision, angel, or some epiphany if not directly from YHWH (I.e. Moshe and the burning bush)

    General is given to all people at all times and at all places. The three primary categories of general revelation are through nature, human history, and human nature--internally--for example, via conscience. It is given to all people at all times and at all places. The three primary categories of general revelation are through nature, human history, and human nature--internally--for example, via conscience, ref. Romans 1.

    Special Revelation is God's manifestation or revelation of Himself via three major categories. Its content is salvific or redemptive, includes the Gospel and the promises of God and iscommunicated in both words (e.g., Scripture) and acts or actions. It must be revealed/initiated by YHWH alone. Christ and the Scriptures respectively are the supreme examples of special revelation. Three major categories of special revelation include: miraculous events, divine speech, and visible manifestations.

    The Bible has been attacked since it came to humanity starting with the Torah to the Tanakh to the B'rit Haddashah (New Testament) by various critics including those of the 'high textual criticism' camp.

    Skeptics including some things like Skeptic Magazine, Atheists, Humanism, and all the false religious/belief systems of the world search and search like a lion on the prowl going to and fro looking for something to pounce upon (sound familiar) in order to reject YHWH with justification.

    It doesn't stop there however as we can read in Romans 1 these whom the Bible categorize as "depraved" and "reprobate" relish indoctrinating others so they can join them in the only destiny which awaits those who do such-- destruction, Hell. (Romans 1)

    This tablet is what we can consider both a combination of 'General and Special' revelation all in one-- this makes it also praise worthy unto YHWH on so many levels.

    We can thank the LORD that He's revealed His trust worthy and stead fast character to us all who are his Beloved.

    Right here in 2009 we can know that accusations which inside we had total confidence, but none the less may have felt those fiery darts from those who would blaspheme Jesus and tell us at best he was just a good man, and maybe a prophet, but not the Son of GOD and especially not GOD (not anything that Jesus could be have been threated for when He was here on earth for saying something that meant He was saying He was GOD-- being sarcastic). This tablet give us assurance that the Scriptures of the Bible are valid and secure for us spiritually speaking for not only the Old Testament (which prophecied of Christ the Messiah-- Mashiah), but also...the New Testament (B'rit Haddashah).

    We can read in the book of Acts 5:35 & 36 that even in Jesus-Yeshua's time there was knowledge of those who came claiming to be Messiah (Mashiah), but failed.

    Jesus-Yeshua Himself told us of these things in Matt. 24:24 and Mar. 13:22 so when we put that together with the account of Gamaliel in Acts 5 we see that this tablet named "Gabriel's Revelation" confirms what has been concluded--that the redemptive process of Jesus is NOT a departure from biblical Jewish understanding.

    In fact, it is foundational to the Jewish/Hebrew concept of Messiah (Mashiah)

    We know beyond doubt that Christ Our LORD is THE Messiah (Mashiah) and that all those claiming to be in the past from so many false religions of the world to those that would come after the historical time on earth when Jesus walked among men (Islam and the Madhi, Raelians, Scientology, Moonies) were and are false Christs, false messiahs. This also means that the ultimate false christ (anti-Christ) in the ultimate form as all of these past, and present day anti-Christs are fore shadows of the one who will rise as one who rises out of the sea (the nations, the goyim, the gentiles, Rome, the ten toes) closer to coming.

    Just imagine how when THE anti-Christ comes he is going to be unlike all the failed attempts by Satan to get what he's been wanting for so long because THE anti-Christ will be a master of "dark sentences" which means he'll know all the right things to say and do for all the religions of the world in order to gain their approval. Look at The Emergent Church, look at certain forms of even some sects of Messianic Judaism, look at the Roman Catholic Church, and you'll see subtle if not overt things that are contrary to the teachings of the First Century apostles (emissaries) namely some sort of Jesus plus something else.

    Jesus plus Eastern mysticism, meditation, lighting candles = heresy. Jesus plus demand to attend Sabbath, keep feasts, eat kosher, to only call Jesus "Yeshua", "Yahoshouah", or only spell GOD as "G-d" for just a few examples is Jesus + something else and that = heresy. Jesus plus an easy 'seeker sensitive' man based, feel good only, Oprah kind of "we are all light" kind of message/teaching is Jesus + something else and Jesus + something else = heresy.

    Now before anyone who reads this get's there would be shorts in a bind who may be Messianic, Catholic or even part of a church claiming to be Emergent we should know that for example Messianic Christianity does have proponents that are not cult like. They have applied the full meaning of the New Testament such as what we can read in Colossians so that Messianic is more of style of worship than a set of "do not touch, do not taste, do not wear" regulations taken then presented as additional steps of atonement.

    In closing in THE glorious light of our LORD and Savior Jesus let us consider these words and know them to be faithful, true so that they can give us peace (shalom) and confidence in these days ahead:

    Colossians 2:16-23:

    [Judaism, Messianic Name Cults, Seventh Day Adventism]

    Therefore DO NOT LET ANYONE JUDGE YOU by what you eat or drink, or with regard to a religious festival, a New Moon celebration or a Sabbath day. These are a shadow of the things that were to come; THE REALITY, HOWEVER, IS FOUND IN CHRIST.

    [Roman Catholicism, Charismatic extremes, Theosophic Cults, Scientology]

    Do not let anyone who delights in false humility and the worship of angels disqualify you for the prize. Such a person goes into great detail about what he has seen, and his unspiritual mind puffs him up with idle notions. He has lost connection with the Head, from whom the whole body, supported and held together by its ligaments and sinews, grows as God causes it to grow.

    [Judaism, forms of Messianic Judaism, Seventh Day Adventism]

    Since you died with Christ to the basic principles of this world, why, as though you still belonged to it, do you submit to its rules: "Do not handle! Do not taste! Do not touch!"? These are all destined to perish with use, because they are based on human commands and teachings. Such regulations indeed have an appearance of wisdom, with their self-imposed worship, their false humility and their harsh treatment of the body, but they lack any value in restraining sensual indulgence.

    YHWH is bringing all of His people both Jew and Gentile unto Himself. This mystery was revealed long ago just under 2000 years in order that the two become one.

    When we then say or sing the Shama let us think and consider THE Body of Christ (or bretheren and all their personalities and their 'families'-- styles such as Baptist, Messianic, Charismatic, Anglican, Lutheran, Assemblies of God, Church of God, Independent, Post-Modern) when we say these holy ordained words:

    Sh'ma, Yisra'el! ADONAI Eloheinu, ADONAI echad

    [Hear, Isra'el! ADONAI our God, ADONAI is one]

    That is to say: The Lord is our GOD, the LORD alone (that is, the only one)

    We are part of GOD now with Christ the head and all of us the Body comprised of many parts. Cells, follicles, nostrils, hands, feet, eyes, muscles, sinews, tendons, nerves, etc,.; we all are part of one body and that body is alone. There isn't many bodies in the sense of many churches per say other that those 'churches' are parts of the ONE body.

    The biggest sign that Christ is going to return is when what He prayed for comes to pass, not tongues, not miracles, not technological breakthroughs, not Dead Sea Scrolls, not Israel in 1948 for those are just secondary characters, secondary events to THE thing that will tell the world we belong to Jesus-Yeshua.

    I like how it reads in The Complete Jewish Bible:

    John 13:35 -- Everyone will know that you are my talmidim by the fact that you have love for each other.

    How many ones will know? Everyone.

    By what fact? That we have love for each other.

    Young's Literal Translation puts it this way:

    "in this shall all know that ye are my disciples, if ye may have love one to another"

    Love to one another. This doesn't mean just "love one to another" to those in your little (or big) group who do things the way YOU like it personally because we ARE a family; we are THE family of GOD.

    Family's MUST love one another IN the Body of Christ. We are not talking about those outside and the father and son who are divided by the sword of the gospel, but those who have been BROUGHT INTO the family. Once they are in they ARE in and by THE spirit of adoption where by we ALL cried "Abba, Father!" (Daddy, Daddy!).

    This image is precious. As we've gathered this last year around our tables for Chanukah, Christmas, or just around the table to eat and felloship with our beloved spouses, children, family consider that time now. Recall how good it felt to see your child eat along side you or your beloved when you served him/her another portion. Recall the joy, the fellowship.

    Now let us take this farther to the place where THE FATHER wants us to see it and imagine those we may not like because their personality rubs us the wrong way or we rub theirs the wrong way, because they are Baptist and we are Church of Christ or because they attend congregation on Saturday and we attend congregation on Sunday then take the words found in Colossians and apply that to the possible heart attitude we may have against them:

    *Therefore YOU MUST... JUDGE YOU by what you eat or drink, or with regard to a religious festival, a New Moon celebration or a Sabbath day. These are a shadow of the things that were to come; THE REALITY, HOWEVER, IS FOUND IN CHRIST.

    Take it farther still:

    *Therefore WE MUST NOT LET ANYONE JUDGE YOU, OTHERS, OR OURSELF by what you eat or drink, or with regard to a religious festival, a New Moon celebration or a Sabbath day. These are a shadow of the things that were to come; THE REALITY, HOWEVER, IS FOUND IN CHRIST.

    Now then take it to the home plate and be blessed:

    Sh'ma, Yisra'el! ADONAI Eloheinu, ADONAI echad.


    Sh'ma, Yisra'el! ADONAI Eloheinu, ADONAI echad.

    Shalom and much agape in Christ Our LORD.

  2. Why would rabbi Paul speak of a future "things to come", if YaHoWsHua had already died, resurrected and ascended?
    Its because these gentiles were not pagans who came from the temple of Diana, to become "christian", they were PROSELYTES
    to the true Jewish faith and Celebrated the Feasts, and were encouraged, to keep doing so;

    Col 2:15 having stripped the principalities and the powers, he made a show of them openly, triumphing over them in it.

    Col 2:16 Let no man therefore judge you in eating, or in drinking, or with respect to a feast day or a new moon or Shabbat,

    Col 2:17 which are a shadow of the things to come; but the body is Messiah's.

    The "shadow of things to come", refers to the 1000 year Messianic Kingdom, where all aspects of YHWH'S Law will be abided by,
    as a testimony to the True Presence.

    The Law and the Feasts Live, for Lord Jesus'(YaHoWsHua) sake.

  3. The discovery shouldn't shake Christians at all. It affirms them. While it is true that one way to look at it would be that Jesus and his followers adopted a program already believed, that doesn't make sense. Jesus would have to die to carry out this idea. Who wants to die just to carry out a role believed in by others. Maybe Knohl means that the disciples co-opted the idea after Jesus' death as a way of explaining his death and claimed he was also resurrected as the writing indicates would happen. That's one way to look at it.

    Another way is to say that some Jews already correctly understood their scriptures to predict a Messiah who would die and rise from the dead. Since their interpretation was the correct one, this is what happened because what they believed was true. Jesus did not, in that case, fit some role no one had ever understood, but fit a role that a few had correctly understood and even written about.

    A third way to look at it would be that the newly discovered tablet was, itself, prophetic, adding to what had already been said about the Messiah.


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