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$2 Billion Separates House and Senate Border Crisis Bills

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WASHINGTON, D.C. (Worthy News)-- The House and Senate bills addressing the surge of illegal immigrants remain $2 billion apart, making it difficult for Congress to pass legislation, before the annual Congressional summer recess that begins this Friday.

The GOP-led House plans Thursday to vote on $659 million plan to help the federal government stop new migrants from coming into the country and to deal humanely with the more than 61,000 unaccompanied children and thousands more families who have entered the United States via the Texas border in the past 10 months.

The Senate, however, has authored a $2.7 billion proposal that would spend much more money than the House bill helping the federal government provide care and housing for children as well as legal counsel and judges to help determine whether they deserve refugee status or to be deported back to their home countries. -- Source

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GOP Leaders Revive Democrats' Amnesty Hopes - Daily Caller
Democratic leaders are welcoming efforts by the House GOP leadership to amend a minor 2008 immigration bill, because it could revive the now-dormant, business-backed comprehensive immigration reform push.

Rep. Van Hollen: Legalizing Illegals Will 'Reduce the Deficit' - CNS News
When asked whether legalizing illegal immigrants would help unemployed Americans, Rep. Chris Van Hollen (D.-Md.) responded by pointing to testimony from the director of the Congressional Budget Office that Van Hollen said indicated enactment of the Senate immigration bill (which gave illegal aliens a 'path to citizenship') would "reduce the deficit and increase long-term economic growth."

Texas Sheriffs Speak Out On Damage From Illegal Immigration - Daily Caller
The influx of illegal immigrants into southern Texas is depleting law enforcement resources and causing heavy amounts of damage in the area, said several sheriffs gathered for the annual Sheriff’s Association of Texas convention.

“The damage is constant,” Brooks County chief deputy Benny Martinez told News 4 San Antonio at the conference, held in San Antonio on Monday and Tuesday.

Martinez estimated that 85 percent of cases he handles are related to immigration issues and that his rural county is not equipped to handle the workload.

Standing Room Only At Collin County Meeting About Immigrant Children - CBS
With the threat of a so-called "immigrant tsunami," Collin County Commissioner Mark Reid invited the public to attend commissioner's court on Monday –- and they did.

It was standing room only at the county building, as people sounded off about housing immigrant children, despite there being no current plans to do so in Collin County.

Mike Pence Learned HHS Was Dumping Migrant Children in His State from the Press, Not HHS
Indiana governor Mike Pence said he first learned the federal government had placed 245 unaccompanied alien children in Indiana through media reports.

In a letter to President Obama, Pence wrote that the Department of Health and Human Services informed him that the federal government had housed hundreds of unaccompanied alien children in Indiana from January 1, 2014, to July 7, 2014, but only after reports surfaced in the media.

"While we feel deep compassion for these children, our country must secure its borders and provide for a legal and orderly immigration process," Pence wrote. "Failure to expedite the return of unaccompanied children thwarts the rule of law and will only continue to send a distorted message that illegally crossing into America is without consequence."

Jeff Sessions: House Border Bill Is a 'Surrender To a Lawless President' - National Review
Senator Jeff Sessions (R., Ala.) denounced the House Republican border bill as a "surrender to a lawless president" because the legislation does not include any language to prevent President Obama from expanding his unilateral legalization of illegal immigrants.

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Worthy Christian News » US News » $2 Billion Separates House and Senate Border Crisis Bills

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Worthy Christian News » US News » $2 Billion Separates House and Senate Border Crisis Bills