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Papal First: Pope Francis Visits Pentecostal Church

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By Joseph DeCaro, Worthy News Correspondent

VATICAN CITY (Worthy News)-- Pope Francis has reached out to evangelicals by becoming the first pontiff to visit a Pentecostal church, according to Yahoo News.

Monday Francis visited the Evangelical Church of Reconciliation now under construction in Caserta and later met privately with Pentecostal preacher Giovanni Traettino.

Francis apologized for Catholic persecution of Pentecostals during Italy's fascist regime and stressed that there was unity in diversity within Christianity.

"Among those who persecuted and denounced Pentecostals, almost as if they were crazy people trying to ruin the race, there were also Catholics," he said. "I am the pastor of Catholics, and I ask your forgiveness for those Catholic brothers and sisters who didn't know and were tempted by the devil."

But not all Catholics and evangelicals welcomed the pope's outreach: Catholics have accused Pentecostals and other evangelicals of luring parishioners away from the Roman Church while Italian evangelicals decried the incompatibility of their beliefs with Catholic dogma.

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Worthy Christian News » Christian » Papal First: Pope Francis Visits Pentecostal Church

18 thoughts on “Papal First: Pope Francis Visits Pentecostal Church

  1. With the vast number of differences between mainstream Christians and the Holy Roman Catholic Church how on earth will we ever unite? Our differences are as far as from the north to the south and the east from the west. The catholic church does not believe as we do and we don't believe as they do and it's like learning a foreign language that neither of us know. Even though the One World Religion is being planned as I write this, it will be a most difficult task to unite such people who are so un-like minded and have very little in common with one another. Commonality is the most important ingredient/key in joining two together, they must have a common bond. What common bond is there in this relationship? They even have their own bible. What spirit of Ecumenism is there here? Scripture says a house divided cannot stand! The only way to unite is for all parties involved to be spiritually blind to what is going on. And most will be deceived. I don't think the rules of soccer apply to the game of football. What about the rules of baseball being applied to basketball? Difficult but most likely impossible to accomplish. WK

    • All humanity can reach towards love & respect towards one another to practice beauty in our diversity and the commonality of Our Loving God.
      Resist deceitfulness and divisive Devil.

      • Patty: There is no deceitfulness within me and the devil was rebuked years ago in 2000. He has not bothered me in 14 years. This has nothing to do with anything negative. People who have something in common can find a common ground, but where there is no commonality the Bible says there are grounds for nothing. I think it says, What do the saved and the unsaved have in common, nothing. Just an example of one of the verses on division. A house divided can not stand is another one as I had pointed out in the last comment here.
        This has to do with the plan to form the One World Religion where they are all joined together to become one in unity.

    • Exactly, not a good sign...When people know what's going on then they can comment on this post with some intelligence and knowledge about this particular topic.
      When people study about the New World Order and the One World Government as well as the One World Religion then and only then will they be able to discern the truth and know what's happening. The meetings they were having at the Vatican in Rome were not "I'm your friend, you're my friend meetings". No, quite the contrary, they were specific meetings. In order to fulfill prophecy and GOD's final plan for planet earth they must meet and form the One World Religion. The Antichrist is going to rule under it...Chrislam. Will we be forced to worship under this new name, wait and see! Or perhaps I could suggest, say your prayers. It seems to be just one of the pieces of the puzzle that is being put together for the end of the age. GOD knows what is going on, He's running the show. He is orchestrating the entire play and these television preachers and the Pope are all just actors in the play. The plot is set, the people know their parts now and it won't be too much longer until we have the theatre open and the play will begin.

    • The Pope in a Pentecostal Church! Wonder how soon he's going to be raising his hands and praising GOD? Maybe he'll even speak in tongues. Maybe he'll sing Amazing Grace, The Old Rugged Cross, or Goodbye World Goodbye. He might jump up and down and LORD knows what else he's liable to do in a church like that. But one thing you can bet your boots on is that he will not ever believe what they believe. Will they believe what he believes? They already do believe some of it, and when they believe the rest, we better look up them as our redemption is near.

    • It's apparent that he wants to form the One World Religion. The Catholic Church only teaches that unless you are Catholic you won't enter the Kingdom of GOD. What reconciliation could he have in mind? No, it's about religious control.

      • Perhaps he is not a "traditional" Catholic but still a Catholic nonetheless with the beliefs and traditions of that organization. We don't have to be "traditional" to see things from a different standpoint or even to think or do evil things. Remember that scripture tells us (warns us) that in the last days before the return of JESUS there will be much apostasy and many false prophets will be among us. He has gone and done things that his predecessors did not do, but he is still who he is. He still teaches the beliefs of the Holy Roman Catholic Church.

      • Are you seriously suggesting that every Roman Catholic is a candidate for being the Antichrist?
        That's a lot of suspects, Sherlock.

      • I just read the comments made and I did not say anything about the Pope or any Catholic being the Antichrist. Tom Horn says in his book that he is the last Pope that they will have and that he is the False Prophet, but as for me I have said nothing about anyone being the Antichrist b/c we don't yet know who he is or where he comes from or when he will make himself known. Don't put words in my mouth, thank you!!!

      • In your "It's apparent that he wants to form the One World Religion," who is the "he" you refer to?
        The rest of your post concerns the Catholic Church and religious control, and in a more recent remark you refer to apostasy, false prophets and the beliefs of Catholicism.

        If you're not referring to the pope, who are you referring to?

  2. It's gr8 to ask for forgiveness. Bible says Except ye repent ye shall all likewise perish. But Pope Francis must stop taking the GLORY that belongs to God. Only one died on the cross for the sin of Man John 3:16. No Pope it wasn't Mary the mother of Jesus and it wasn't any pope.. it was JESUS CHRIST. He was God manifested in the Flesh 1Timothy 3:16. REPENT pope Francis and all the rest of your pope followers.

  3. JOE: Many wonderful people have been raised Catholic. As far as what I was referring to, was the meeting recently with the Pope and James Robison as well as Kenneth Copeland. It's in articles and on the news channels about their meeting. He also talked with Joey Osteen and John Hagee on a separate occasion. They met with the Muslim Cleric in Rome and they (Robison-Copeland-the Muslim Cleric) discussed the forming of the One World Religion. It's part of the plan for the end of time as we know it. They prayed with each other, they want to form this "new" religion so there will be unity within all of them.
    Hopefully this clears up any misconception.

  4. If the Pope were invited to our congregation, he would have to sit down like everyone else and listen to sermon like everyone else. Then he would leave like everyone else.

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