Deadline Looms at Midnight as Hamas Threatens ‘War of Attrition’, Israel Will Respond in Full Force to any Hamas strikes

JERUSALEM (Worthy News)– Israeli and Palestinian delegations restarted indirect talks in Cairo over the weekend, however Israeli officials were skeptical a truce could be reached by Monday’s midnight deadline.  Over the weekend, Hamas threatened a “war of attrition” if its demands were not met.  Meanwhile, Israel threatened “harsh strikes” if Hamas broke the ceasefire with any type of fire against the Jewish state and Israeli officials said “quiet and security’ will be restored ‘one way or another.’

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Israel threatens Hamas with massive retaliation as cease-fire enters final day – Jerusalem Post
A day before the midnight expiration of a five-day ceasefire, Israel sent out clear messages on Sunday that it will respond massively to any type of fire from Gaza and not tolerate a long-term “war of attrition.”

“It is not clear whether there will be an agreement,” a senior diplomatic official said as the Israeli and Palestinian delegations held indirect talks in Cairo.

If no agreement is agreed upon, the official said, there are two possibilities. The first is that no cease-fire extension or agreement is reached by Monday at midnight, and Hamas renews its firing. “If that happens,” he said, “Israel’s response will be strong.”

Cease-fire talks resume as delegations return to Cairo – Jerusalem Post
Israeli and Palestinian teams are set to restart indirect Gaza cease-fire talks in Cairo on Sunday, with Hamas saying the Egyptian proposal on the table is unacceptable and threatening to renew fighting, and Israel saying quiet and security will be restored “one way or another.”

Palestinian divisions emerge in truce talks – Ynet News
The Palestinians appeared divided Sunday as the clock was winding down on the latest Gaza ceasefire, with officials saying Hamas was still opposed to a compromise Egyptian proposal that would ease the closure of the territory, while other factions, including delegates representing President Mahmoud Abbas, were inclined to accept.

Hamas says latest proposals for long-term truce with Israel ‘unacceptable’ – Jerusalem Post
Offers made to the Palestinian delegation in Cairo where negotiations for a truce with Israel are being brokered do not meet the aspirations of the Palestinian people, Hamas’s head of foreign affairs, Osama Hamdan, said.

Hamdan said on his official Facebook page on Saturday that “Israel must accept the demands of the Palestinian people or face a long war.”

Netanyahu says undeterred by Hamas warnings in talks on ending Gaza war – Reuters
Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said on Sunday any deal on Gaza’s future had to meet Israel’s security needs, warning Hamas it faced “harsh strikes” if it resumed firing into the Jewish state.

With a five-day ceasefire due to expire late on Monday, negotiators returned after consultations to Cairo to seek an end to five weeks of hostilities that have killed more than 2,000 people.

Hamas: Lifting the blockade of Gaza is the only way to ensure Israel’s security – Jerusalem Post
On Sunday Hamas responded to Israel’s demand that any deal to end Gaza hostilities must address Israel’s security concerns, saying that the only way to ensure Israeli security is by first giving the Palestinians security by lifting the blockade of the Strip.

Gaza: A broader offensive – Jerusalem Post
Should Hamas resume rocket attacks on Israel when the five-day truce ends at midnight on Monday, the chances of Israel agreeing to conduct a prolonged war of attrition with Gaza, in which Palestinian rocket attacks are met only with Israeli air strikes and artillery fire, are low.

The more likely scenario is that the IDF will initiate the next phase of its operational plans, based on a deep ground offensive into the Gaza Strip.

Egypt presents new proposal for permanent ceasefire – Ynet News
Egypt proposed a permanent ceasefire on Sunday and called for a new round of talks next month. The agenda for the next round negotiations includes deliberations on opening a seaport and airport in Gaza – Hamas’ demands which Israel strongly opposes – and returning the bodies of two IDF soldiers killed in the operation in return for the release of Palestinian prisoners.

Abbas says Egyptian initiative only viable option for Israel-Gaza truce – Jerusalem Post
Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas said there was no alternative to the Egyptian initiative for a long-term truce, during a meeting with Palestinian leaders on Saturday evening.

“We adhere to the Egyptian plan,” the PA chief said in his opening remarks at the Ramallah meeting. “We will not accept any other party to take Egypt’s place” as the mediator of indirect talks to cement a truce between Israel and Hamas. Azzam Al-Ahmed, the chief Palestinian negotiator in Cairo also attended the meeting and briefed the leaders on the progress of negotiations.

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