Worthy Christian News » World News » Islamic State Continues to Massacre Scores in Iraq and Syria, Loses Control of Mosul Dam

Islamic State Continues to Massacre Scores in Iraq and Syria, Loses Control of Mosul Dam

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BAGHDAD (Worthy News)-- The Islamic State continued to massacre scores of 'infidels' in its 'caliphate' over the weekend as U.S. lawmakers called on President Obama to expand military operations against the jihadist organization.  Over the weekend, President Obama informed Congress that he authorized U.S. airstrikes in Iraq to help retake control of the Mosul Dam.  On Sunday Kurdish forces, with the aid of over two dozen U.S. and Iraqi airstrikes, were able to retake control of Iraq's largest dam from IS jihadists, who captured the dam less than two weeks ago.

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US scores military victory over Islamic State at Mosul Dam - Jerusalem Post
The United States conducted a major air assault against the Islamic State at Mosul Dam over the weekend, striking two dozen targets over twenty-four hours with fighter jets, bombers, attack planes and drones.

The attack reportedly succeeded in forcing a retreat by the Islamist forces, which have swept throughout cities and key infrastructure sites in recent weeks.

White House: Obama authorized U.S. strikes on Mosul Dam in Iraq - Reuters
The White House on Sunday said President Barack Obama had informed Congress he authorized U.S. air strikes in Iraq to help retake control of the Mosul Dam, and that the action was consistent with his goal of protecting U.S. citizens in that country.

"The failure of the Mosul Dam could threaten the lives of large numbers of civilians, threaten U.S. personnel and facilities - including the U.S. embassy in Baghdad - and prevent the Iraqi government from providing critical services to the Iraqi populace," the White House said in a statement.

Obama faces growing pressure for more military force against Islamic State - Washington Times
Lawmakers from both parties are increasingly questioning the Obama administration’s strategy for dealing with a powerful Islamist terrorist group in the Middle East, saying the U.S. should expand its approach, which might include combat troops on the ground in Iraq and airstrikes in Syria.

Lawmakers call for 'coalition of the willing' in Iraq - Washington Times
It's been more than a decade since former President Bush assembled a "coalition of the willing" and sent American ground forces to Iraq, but lawmakers from both parties said Sunday it may be time to repeat those steps in order to counter a burgeoning army of Islamist extremists who continue to make key gains in Iraq and Syria.

Jihadis accused of new massacres in Iraq and Syria - BBC
Islamic State (IS) militants have been accused of massacring hundreds of people in areas under their control in northern Iraq and eastern Syria.

IS jihadis could wind up on UK streets, Cameron warns - Times of Israel
Islamic State fighters sweeping across Syria and Iraq are a direct threat to Britain and the country must use all of its "military prowess" to halt their advance, Prime Minister David Cameron said Sunday.

Syrian airstrikes target Islamic State group - Ynet News
Syrian government warplanes pounded an Islamic State group stronghold as well as other towns controlled by the jihadis Sunday, conducting more than a dozen airstrikes and killing at least 11 people, activists said.

Islamic State Executed 700 People from Syrian Tribe - Washington Free Beacon
The Islamic State militant group has executed 700 members of a tribe it has been battling in eastern Syria during the past two weeks, the majority of them civilians, a human rights monitoring group and activists said on Saturday.

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, which has tracked violence on all sides of the three-year-old conflict, said reliable sources reported beheadings were used to execute many of the al-Sheitaat tribe, which is from Deir al-Zor province.

Iraq crisis: Yazidi villagers 'massacred' by IS - BBC
Militants in northern Iraq have massacred at least 80 men from the Yazidi faith in a village and abducted women and children, reports say.

In Iraq, captured Yazidi women fear the Islamic State will force them to wed - Washington Post
Hundreds of Yazidi women who were captured by Islamic extremists during their sweep through the town of Sinjar are being incarcerated at scattered locations across northern Iraq in what increasingly looks like a deliberate attempt to co-opt them into service as the wives of fighters.

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Worthy Christian News » World News » Islamic State Continues to Massacre Scores in Iraq and Syria, Loses Control of Mosul Dam

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  1. i guess human rights have not been violated at Mosul! the UN must come with a new set of war rules that should take into account the impunity of face shrowded fighters otherwise we must consider the mention of human rights in any war involving these antidiluvian species a human rights violation in itself.

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Worthy Christian News » World News » Islamic State Continues to Massacre Scores in Iraq and Syria, Loses Control of Mosul Dam