Iran Stalls With West As Its Nuclear Program Develops

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TEHRAN (Worthy News)-- Iran's President Hassan Rouhani told the visiting head of the UN nuclear watchdog said Tehran's long-range missile program will not be discussed as part of talks aimed at resolving a decade-long nuclear dispute.  Meanwhile, Iran's foreign minister did not believe a final-status agreement would be made with the West by the time the next deadline comes in four months.

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UN watchdog chief holds top level nuclear talks in Iran - Jerusalem Post
UN nuclear agency chief Yukiya Amano began talks in Tehran on Sunday with President Hassan Rouhani and other senior officials to push for progress in a long-running investigation into Iran's suspected atomic bomb research.

Amano's trip comes ahead of an Aug. 25 deadline for Iran to provide information relevant to the International Atomic Energy Agency's (IAEA) inquiry into what it calls the possible military dimensions of the country's disputed nuclear program.

The issue is closely tied to high-profile nuclear negotiations with six world powers aimed at resolving the decade-old standoff over Tehran's atomic activities, suspected by the West of having military objectives.

Iran tells UN nuclear chief no talks on missiles - Ynet News
Iranian President Hassan Rouhani told the visiting head of the UN nuclear watchdog on Sunday that Tehran will not discuss its long-range missile program as part of talks aimed at resolving a decade-long nuclear dispute, official media reported.

UN nuclear agency chief Yukiya Amano said Sunday's visit to Tehran was useful and that he was very glad to hear a firm commitment from Iran to resolve all outstanding issues through cooperation between the two sides.

Iran says 'little chance' of reaching nuclear deal with West by November - Jerusalem Post
Iran's foreign minister said he believed it was unlikely a final-status agreement would be reached with the West over the Islamic Republic’s nuclear program within the time frame that has been allotted in the negotiations.

"The chances that we will come to final understandings within the four months remaining are low," Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif was quoted as saying on Saturday.

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  1. I pray that folks would only understand that the Nucs Iran is working on are not intended for direct detonation but for generation of EMP. They are not totally st___d, in fact they have some of the most intelligent people (not considering the Russians who live there), and know that the only way they can overcome America is by bringing us to our knees. Think about it, we are so wrapped up in technology, that we could never function in any battle field without electronics. I mean, and I'm just a dumb engineer, they know the retaliatory cost that they would pay if they attacked directly. All they want is (and really need) is the destabilization of our country. Can you imagine the chaos that would ensue if we loose our iphones, our S5's, our lap-tops. Er. our 5.25in screens. What on God's earth will Americans do without text messaging!

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