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CDC Must Stop funding Homosexual Agenda to Focus on Bioterrorism

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Washington, DC – Traditional Values Coalition Executive Director Andrea Lafferty is calling upon President Bush and Congress to force the Centers for Disease Control to stop funding sexually explicit workshops for homosexuals under the guise of fighting the AIDS epidemic. Tax dollars should be spent on fighting bioterrorism.

"In one corner of the CDC, bureaucrats are cooking up new ways to spend tax dollars to fund bizarre sex acts," said Lafferty, "while in another corner of the CDC, the roofs are leaking and the floors are rotting out—delaying scientists from quickly responding to Anthrax and other bioterrorism threats."

According to a recent AP report, the CDC is asking Congress for $250 million to refurbish its dilapidated and outmoded facilities, yet it has misspent tens of millions of dollars on outrageous and unnecessary homosexual boondoggles. "The CDC has been a sacred cow in previous administrations and it has shamelessly wasted our tax dollars to fund pet projects favored by homosexual activists," said Lafferty. "It is time to hold the CDC accountable for all of the money it has thrown away."

"When President Bush visits the CDC for a tour of its facilities on Thursday," said Lafferty, "he should ask CDC officials why they are spending millions of dollars funding ‘fisting’ seminars for homosexuals and drag queen proms in San Francisco instead of using that money for modernization."

Traditional Values Coalition published a special report earlier this year on how CDC is spending millions of tax dollars to fund pornographic and perverted sex workshops for homosexuals. The report, "Federal AIDS Dollars Fund Homosexual Proms And Fisting Seminars," pointed out the following:

* The Stop AIDS Project in San Francisco used CDC money to fund a "Tranny Fag" forum for cross-dressers and a seminar showing homosexuals how to "fist" their sex partners.

*The San Francisco AIDS Foundation has spent CDC tax dollars on workshops showing men how to use sex toys and to awaken "full-body electric energy."

*Other CDC funds have gone to pay for workshops on dating, cruising, and self-esteem for HIV-infected homosexuals.

The entire TVC report is available online at:

"The CDC must be held accountable for its irresponsible spending habits," said Lafferty. "Its blatant misuse of tax dollars must be dealt with severely by the Bush Administration."

"The President should insist that the CDC immediately cease spending tax dollars on such wasteful and unproductive activities," said Lafferty. "The CDC should be spending its time on preparing this nation to deal with bioterrorist threats—not paying for fisting seminars or self-esteem seminars for homosexuals."

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Worthy Christian News » US News » CDC Must Stop funding Homosexual Agenda to Focus on Bioterrorism

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Worthy Christian News » US News » CDC Must Stop funding Homosexual Agenda to Focus on Bioterrorism