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UK Hotel Chain Removes Bibles

Monday, August 25, 2014 | Tag Cloud

By Joseph DeCaro, Worthy News Correspondent

LONDON (Worthy News)-- One of Britain's largest hotel chains has decided to remove every Bible from its rooms, "an act of cultural vandalism upon a tradition that goes back 126 years," according to Fox News.

The Bibles were reportedly removed for "diversity reasons" from 500 Travelodge hotels.

"[It is] both tragic and bizarre that hotels would remove the word of God for the sake of ... a spurious definition of the word 'diversity,'" stated the Church of England.

In a press release by Travelodge, the removal of the Bibles was intended to show that the company didn't discriminate against any religion, but Bibles supplied by the Gideon Society would be made available at the reception desks for guests to borrow.

However, according to the Daily Mail, a receptionist at a London Travelodge branch could not find any Gideon Bibles when one was requested, recommending instead that the guest use the hotel's free Wifi to access the book online.

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Worthy Christian News » Christian » UK Hotel Chain Removes Bibles

3 thoughts on “UK Hotel Chain Removes Bibles

  1. Thank you for warning me. I will not be using any Travelodge hotel until they return the Bibles to guest rooms. If anyone doesn't want to use them, they don't have to. I, for one, often use the Bibles found in hotel and motel rooms and will personally boycott any which will not have them placed there.

  2. WAYNE: This is just one more attack on Christians or anyone that wants to lay in bed at night or sit at the desk and read the word of GOD.
    Attacks coming from all 4 corners of the globe, but this is what the LORD warned us about. He said "they will hate you for my sake". We were warned of persecution in these last days on earth before His return. It isn't going to go away, they aren't going to be putting them back in the rooms. If the truth is known they have burned them. Looks like the UK is showing the spirit of the Antichrist. Won't be staying in a travel lodge either but discrimination of Christians is something that I think we will see more and more of as time rolls on. Since it was written in the scriptures, then it all must be part of GOD's plan.

  3. Good to know. It should be interesting to see whether their competitors actually do leave Bibles in the hotel rooms. As Christians we should vote with our feet and give our business to those who respect our faith.
    Also if you book with travelodge and you are asked to give feedback, make a point that you are disappointed due to the absence of Bibles!

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Worthy Christian News » Christian » UK Hotel Chain Removes Bibles