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Islamic State Driven by Apocalypse Prophecies

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Islamic State goals as released by ISIS Twitter Feed.

BAGHDAD (Worthy News)-- Leaders of the Islamic State movement in Syria and Iraq are infatuated with apocalyptic Muslim prophecies foretelling a titanic final battle of good and evil that even involves the re-emergence of Jesus Christ to join their cause at the end of time in the Middle East, the Washington Times reported.

Analysts say the Sunni extremist group is consumed by such fantasies in a way Osama bin Laden’s original al Qaeda never was, and its propaganda is so saturated with them that intelligence officials are working to determine how much of the group’s operational strategy is actually being shaped by the obscure predictions.

From the Islamic State’s circulation on social media of photos depicting a so-called “cyclops baby” to its fixation on a Syrian town where the prophecies say the final battle will occur, analysts say the group’s leader, Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, is tapping the mythology to convince his followers that the apocalypse has already begun. --[wp_colorbox_media url="http://www.washingtontimes.com/news/2015/jan/5/apocalypse-prophecies-drive-islamic-state-strategy/" type="iframe" hyperlink="Source"]

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Worthy Christian News » World News » Islamic State Driven by Apocalypse Prophecies

7 thoughts on “Islamic State Driven by Apocalypse Prophecies

  1. Jesus said many will come in His name , saying the end is near . I never guessed it would also come from muslims . By the way murders have nothing to do with Jesus Christ , the real one that is , except to be recipients of Gods wrath upon wickedness.

  2. To me it is clear that the Jesus talked about in Islamic prophecies is the false one that Jesus warned us about. "Don't believe it" was His command. ISIS is showing us what Gog looks like. It will eventually be destroyed by God who says "Then they will know I am the Lord." Just remember, he who holds out until the end will be saved.

  3. I believe after some further thought and reading the Bible , that the Islam extremists are antichrist s of one form , there are many others as well .

    The Lord often in the times of Israel in the OT , would raise up enemies to sinning Israel or some times just apart of it to force Israel into repentance , it often worked but at a huge cost to Israel . Then after the repentance was complete The Lord delivered them time and time again . And destroyed their enemies most often . Islam may be used as a tool to punish sinners , by the Lord !
    Remember the Lord is in control , if we obey him , whom shall we fear ?

    I see a possible picture here of what is happening from a Christian point of view . So sinning Christians beware ! Live a pure life by the power of the Lord and overcome the Evil !
    Sodom and Goremah is a bigger problem with God , so do not get to close to that sinful state going on around us , Keep ones self unspotted from the world , according to James .

    Looking for the Coming of the Lord in Glory , Watch and Pray ! Behold He comes quickly , blessed is he that is ready and waiting ! Amen ...

  4. God said Israel is The GrapeVine Of The Earth:

    * God brought a Vine out of Egypt and planted it. - Ps.80:8

    * As a Vine is the remnant of Israel. - Jer.6:9

    * For The Vineyard of the Lord of hosts is The House Of Israel. - Is.5:7

    - Is it any wonder Jesus said He is
    The (True) Vine for abiding in Him? And not Israel.

    - Is it any wonder that when her grapes are fully ripe
    the angel will gather The Vine Of The Earth
    to throw it into The Wine Press Of The Wrath Of God?
    - Or that the Robe Jesus will be dipped in blood from sitting on His horse when the blood reaches the bridles of His horse as He tramples The Winepress Of The Wrath Of Almighty God? - Rev.14:17-20 - Rev.19:12,15

    I'd forfeit any false doctrine to abide in Israel.....time is short.

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Worthy Christian News » World News » Islamic State Driven by Apocalypse Prophecies