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Jerusalem USA Assistance Fund Fact Sheet

Saturday, August 10, 2002 | Tag Cloud

Jerusalem USA assistance fund is a privately funded endeavor initiated 11 months ago out of Charleston, South Carolina, USA.

The primary benefactor is a former senior US government official and political strategist who served in 4 presidential administrations. Earl Cox, a Christian, chose to leave the political arena, and instead listen to the call of God. That call encompassed several avenues, the first consisted of using the television and radio airwaves urging the Christian community to unite and put aside denominational traditions and racial prejudices. An intensive media campaign produced positive results. Hundreds of churches representing various denominations and ethnic backgrounds, put aside their differences and united in their common beliefs.

As a result of this solidarity, many in the Christian community followed Cox on the next step of his mission: to call Christians to express love and compassion to Israelis by upholding them with moral and financial support in defense of their homeland.

For the first time in S.C. history, both the Jewish and Christian communities embraced each other in the common purpose of encouraging the state of Israel in its defense of its land.

Today, thousands of dollars are being raised by the Jewish and Christian communities in Charleston. In January these funds will be delivered by a delegation of pastors and rabbis to needy Israeli families who have suffered at the hands of terrorists.

While dollars are being gathered in the Charleston, South Carolina, Cox is in Israel broadcasting messages of encouragement to the Israeli public. The content of the media spots, the first of their kind to be broadcast in Israel, is to strengthen the people of Israel with expressions of U.S. solidarity in the form of economic and moral support. Cox also emphasizes that many groups supportive of Israel are lobbying the U.S. Congress to continue to fervently back Israel in its war against terrorism.

In addition to the TV ads, Cox is producing a video presentation outlining the atrocities being experienced by the Israelis. This video will be made shown in churches and synagogues in Charleston, South Carolina and will be made available on the internet to other communities. Also, daily news stories are being produced and filed on one of the largest Christian websites, Worthy News.com, whose editor George Whitten, is presently traveling with Cox documenting the events as they unfold.

All funds collected by the Jerusalem Assistance Fund will go directly to the needy victims. Members of the JAF team are volunteers and are required to generate their own support so that all donations go directly to the most needy Israeli families afflicted by terrorism. A committee of Jewish rabbis and Christian pastors is monitoring the fund.

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Worthy Christian News » Christian » Jerusalem USA Assistance Fund Fact Sheet

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Worthy Christian News » Christian » Jerusalem USA Assistance Fund Fact Sheet