Stars Cameron, Gilyard Strive for Excellence in Witness Through Acting

Movie Review by Randall Murphree
September 18, 2002

(AgapePress) – The new Left Behind movie is on the way. Fans all over are holding their breath until October 29 when Left Behind II: Tribulation Force will hit store shelves in VHS and DVD formats. Natural disasters, terrorist-triggered tragedy, the turn of the century — no doubt all have contributed to heightened interest in spiritual themes and “end times” prophecies in the Bible. But nothing has done more to cultivate that interest than has the wildly popular Left Behind novel series by Tim LaHaye and Jerry B. Jenkins.

Tribulation Force surpasses its predecessor on every level — its emotional impact, the depth of its characters, the intensity of plot, the clarity in its reflection of the Christian faith. Its professional level is evidence that Cloud Ten Pictures, the Christian company which produced both films, is learning and growing in the commitment to produce superior films.

The series’ first movie title, Left Behind: The Movie, made headlines with its meteoric rise in the fall of 2000, reaching best-seller numbers near five million. Interest in the series has not waned, so Cloud Ten is preparing for another blockbuster. Left Behind: The Movie dealt with overwhelming catastrophic events on a very large scale. It ends with the world in chaos following the Rapture. Those literally left behind have hardly a clue regarding the whereabouts of their loved ones who have disappeared.

Star reporter Buck Williams (Kirk Cameron) protecting Rabbi Ben Judah (Lubomir Mykytiuk) from a fiery attack at the Wailing Wall in Jerusalem.
© 2002 Cloud Ten Pictures
Tribulation Force picks up one week after the Rapture and focuses on the lives of those who are now trying to make sense of a world gone mad, a world where the immoral appears to have annihilated the moral dimension. Reporter Buck Williams, pastor Bruce Barnes, pilot Rayford Steele, and Steele’s daughter Chloe make up the “Tribulation Force” which gives the movie its title. All of them are converted to the Christian faith after the Rapture, and they commit themselves to spreading the faith. But, as for all Christians, that commitment puts their lives at risk.

“Tribulation Force … deals with what four people, in the grand scheme of things, can do on a world stage,” said Andre van Heerden, production supervisor. Comparing it to the first installment, he added, “I think Tribulation Force is much more powerful, it’s much more personal, it’s much more intimate.”

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Special effects will stun viewers when two Witnesses at Jerusalem’s Wailing Wall overpower two of anti-Christ Nicolae Carpathia’s soldiers. Three very moving conversion scenes feature main characters leading others to faith. These sequences are skillfully woven into the context and so natural in their dialogue that they fit perfectly.

Gordon Currie as much loved UN President Nicolae Carpathia giving an impasssioned speech to the masses at the Temple Mount steps in Jerusalem.
© 2002 Cloud Ten Pictures
“I truly believe that you’ll not find another Christian film that delivers a message as strongly and clearly as the message of salvation in Tribulation Force,” said Byron Jones, Cloud Ten vice president entertainment.

Kirk Cameron, star of both films, plays Buck Williams. He told American Family Association Journal, “In terms of staying true to the message of [the novels], the movie is doing a very good job of that. I’m proud to be a part of this project.” Cameron believes that if Christians want to make an impact on their culture, they must strive for excellence in whatever field they work in.

“Christians, who believe they have the most important message on earth, ought to be striving to present that with excellence,” said Cameron, himself a committed Christian. His wife, Chelsea Noble, also stars in the film, playing the role of a former airline attendant who joins the staff of the anti-Christ. Both Noble and Cameron first met stardom on the set of the long-running television sitcom Growing Pains.

Clarence Gilyard stars as Bruce Barnes, pastor of New Hope Church. Gilyard is best known for his role as Ranger Trivette on TV’s Walker: Texas Ranger. Gilyard believers in the power of good movies for propagating strong faith. “Art,” he said, “is a resource for understanding our God and for teaching our children about God. All good things come from God.”

Cloud Ten Pictures CEO Peter Lalonde and his brother Paul founded Cloud Ten Pictures to produce good films with a Christian base. They think they’ve just begun — with the Left Behind series and with other projects as well. The current plan calls for four major titles a year, with their company producing two and acquiring two others for distribution.

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